29 Ways to Make the Most of This February 29th

By , Alicia Capetillo, Staff Writer
Once every four years, magic happens—a leap year. When the Earth's orbit needs a little more time to realign itself with our calendar, we're granted a precious extra 24 hours to enjoy however we so choose. It's an extra day of living, an extra day to work towards your goals and an extra day of being excellent. It is our duty, nay our responsibility, as people of this world to take full advantage of this bonus day, gifted to us by Pope Gregory XIII's "Gregorian Calendar." Right?

Right! For something that only comes around every four years, it's important to embrace it for all its rarely seen glory. This year, chuck the old "I don't have time" excuse out the window—you have a whole bonus day, after all—pick one of these 29 activities and live your best life.
  1. Finally crack open that book that your daughter let you borrow three years ago.
  2. Use a guest pass to try a workout at a studio you've never attended.
  3. Take the kids to the playground and challenge them to a swinging or monkey bar race.
  4. Discover your new favorite slow cooker recipe.
  5. Master the art of the perfect red lip. Because, who run the world? That's right.
  6. Remember that museum that you swore you were going to visit when you moved to this town or city 10 years ago? Now is the perfect time to go.
  7. Set the kids up with a 30-minute cartoon show, then escape to a quiet room to practice 30 minutes of meditation.
  8. You know that "DIY Mania!" Pinterest board you've been pinning to for years? Pick a project, hit the craft store and check at least one off your list.
  9. Embrace the adult coloring book phenomenon.
  10. Did you always want to do something as a kid but couldn't thanks to strict parents or a lack of allowance money? Do that thing today! Fly a kite or take a karate class. Anything that awakens your inner child.
  11. Do some research and find a local charity that you're passionate about. Then, fill out their volunteer form, hit submit and get excited for all the good you're about to do.
  12. Visit your parents, grandparents, siblings or someone you care about.
  13. Spin the globe, drop your finger on a country and get educated on another part of the word. Hello, Wiki.
  14. Catch up on "Serial" or another podcast that's been on your radar.
  15. You've heard all about foam rollers, but haven't actually experienced the awesome relief from using one. Change that today.
  16. Play tourist in your own state. Look into a must-see attraction, jump in the car, crank the tunes, hit the road and see what the hype is all about. Buy some postcards and send them off to out-of-town family, too!
  17. Head to a farmers market, fish market or another specialty shop on a mission: To find something unique and build a delicious meal around it.
  18. Write something. Anything. It could be a poem or song lyrics or a reflection on your favorite childhood memory.
  19. Visit your local animal shelter and take a sweet pooch for a walk around the park.
  20. Trampoline. Park. Find one. Jump. Be happy.
  21. Bake a healthy bread and take it to a neighbor.
  22. Upload all of those photos on your phone and print out some hard copies. Memories!
  23. Visit YourNextRead.com to discover your next favorite book.
  24. Go old school and pick up a pen to write a letter (yes, a real letter with paper and ink) to send to that long-distance friend you always swear you're going to call once life stops getting in the way.
  25. Channel your inner Britney (or Elaine Benes if that's more your style) and have a dance party in your living room.
  26. Find a new location in your area that you rarely visit and make it the site of your workout for the day.
  27. Be like Messi and organize a pick-up game of soccer (or your favorite sport) at the local park.
  28. Bedazzle something because we're adults now and we get to decide what that means.
  29. "Breaking Bad" marathon. Yes, it really is as great as everyone says it is.
How are you planning on spending your leap year bonus day?  

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I live in Albuquerque and tonight is "Better Call Saul" night and it's great, too!!! Report
Finally getting back to doing my taxes lol. Report
I am celebrating my 12th Leap year birthday! Report
sleeping. catching up on much needed sleep. :) Report
It is an extra day for the month, and I got an extra 500 calories burned up! Yippee! Report
I am working today, but when I get home this evening, I am going to try a new workout video with my daughter. :-) Report
I'm finishing a big clean up project (clearing out the garage) by taking a trip to the dump, and taking other items to charity resale shop! Report
Sitting here listening to the birds chirp, happy to have another day! Report
Already had planned to make hot cross buns (breadmaker) to take to the neighbours who are returning from holiday this evening (been keeping an eye on their home) - not exactly healthy but I know they'll appreciate them. Will probably call my mom tonight too - too far to go for a visit with other things I need to do today. Being retired I don't have to limit myself to this extra "bonus day" to do something different and some of these are good suggestions for when the weather isn't wintry or when I need an idea to switch things up a bit. Report
It is an extra day regardless of how you look at it. Positively or negatively. There are normally only 28 days in February. It started out as a great day when we woke up this morning. The list above of things to do is nice. I saw a few good ideas and am going to pick a couple. Even if we have to work (be thankful if you have a job, many don't), this is a good reminder of things to do when we do have a day off. Report
Normally, I do office hours at the college on Monday morning, but this time I have a massage scheduled and I will go to work late. I teach a class in the afternoon, but do my walk along the beach after class. I love Leap Year Day! Report
I'm so sad to see all the 'just another day' comments!
Yes, it's a Monday. Isn't it great to have the gift of another week?
Yes, it's a work day. How wonderful for everyone who has a job, especially a full time, 9-5! Days off are nice, but they aren't the 'norm' are they? Work, family, routines, obligations - these are all signs that you're alive and have gifts that so many people only dream of.

Thank you for the reminder of this extra day and the kick to take the time to live and not just go through the motions. I don't have the day off either, but I'll certainly spend my extra day celebrating the time that I DO have with my family. Report
It's just another Monday... with regular Monday tasks and obligations. I do not see how it is an "extra" day in any way. However, some of the suggestions are things we might want to plan into our schedules to perk our lives up at other times, if that is something we want to do. Report
I will either send 10 cards to my 10 Grandkids, or put my Christmas decorations in the closet. Or if I have the energy, I will do both! Report
I will either send 10 cards to my 10 Grandkids, or put my Christmas decorations in the closet. Or if I have the energy, I will do both! Report
I will either send 10 cards to my 10 Grandkids, or put my Christmas decorations in the closet. Or if I have the energy, I will do both! Report
It's a non-holiday Monday. Many of us are working the same as any other day. Not exactly a "bonus" day in which we can do whatever we want. Report
WORKING :( Report
since I am retired, I can pick and choose when to have a "my Day". I am going to the food lot with my neighbor tomorrow, then we may just stop off at the park and enjoy the day reading in the sun! Report
I only have an extra day that I have to work. Nothing special about that Report