55 Things the Scale Won't Tell You

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Picture this: It's time for your weekly weigh-in, and you are confident that you've lost a pound or two. You've eaten very well this week and have been even more consistent with your exercise than you usually are. You take a deep breath, close your eyes and step on the scale, your heart skipping a beat. You brace yourself, open your eyes, and… your heart sinks into your stomach and you clench your fists. Your weight is up one pound since last week.

What's going through your mind? Is it a frenzy of horribly negative self-talk? Do you feel like a worthless failure who can't do anything right? Do you swear and stamp your foot and move the scale to another spot on the bathroom floor in the hopes that the number will change?

If you've had any (or all) of these reactions after a disappointing weigh-in, you're not alone. But think about how crazy that roller coaster is! Why should a number on a scale make you feel so nervous—and then so painfully defeated when it isn't what you had hoped for? Why should a number on a scale ruin your day and make you say horrible things to yourself that you would never dream of saying to a friend? 

We've all been sucked into the scale's siren song from time to time—and it makes sense why. The scale is appealing because it shows an instant, tangible metric of how you're progressing, and it seems like an easy way to tell if your weight-loss plan is working. But it's also easy to get too attached to that number—and you might start to define yourself based on what your morning weigh-in says, despite your best intentions. What's worse is, that number you're so fixated on might not even be an accurate gauge of your true progress! Your body is a complex machine; depending on fluid shifts, hormonal changes, when you last ate, how much sodium you've ingested, and multiple other factors, your weight could fluctuate by several pounds in just a single day.

So, the next time the number on the scale gets you down, step off, take a deep breath, and remember this: The only thing the scale can tell you is the amount of force that gravity has on your body at any given moment.

What can't the scale tell you? A whole lot:

1.      What a good spouse/son/daughter/mother/father/grandma/grandpa you are
2.      How amazing you are at your job
3.      How fast you can run
4.      How much passion you have for your hobbies
5.      How unique your laugh is
6.      How loyal you are
7.      How much better your clothes are fitting
8.      How much water you drink every day
9.      How much you rock your favorite outfit
10.   How much you've grown emotionally
11.   How great your hair looks
12.   How smart you are
13.   How much your blood pressure/cholesterol/blood glucose numbers have improved
14.   The status of your relationship with food
15.   How motivated you are
16.   How  many flights of stairs you can climb
17.   How well you're raising your kids
18.   How many lifelong memories you made on your last vacation
19.   How thoughtful you are
20.   What a great smile you have
21.   How much easier it is to carry your groceries since you've started working out
22.   How good you are at making healthy food choices
23.   How close you are to your friends
24.   How loved you are
25.   How well you can cook
26.   What a genuine person you are
27.   How much muscle mass you've put on in relation to fat lost
28.   The number of good books you've read
29.   How many amazing places you've seen
30.   How many volunteer hours you've logged
31.   How endearing your quirks are
32.   The number of steps you take per day
33.   How ambitious you are
34.   How many times you've passed up a treat for a healthier option
35.   How promising your future is
36.   How appreciated you are
37.   How far you can walk
38.   The number of fruits and veggies you eat every day
39.   How you handle stress
40.   How funny you are
41.   How many inches you've lost
42.   How much knowledge you've gained about healthy living
43.   How compassionate you are
44.   What a good pet owner you are
45.   How confident you are
46.   The number of compliments you've received
47.   How happy you are
48.   The number of medications you've been able to stop taking since getting healthier
49.   How strong your relationships are
50.   How much weight you can lift
51.   The number of people who admire and look up to you
52.   How many challenges you've overcome in your life
53.   How talented you are
54.   How much you've touched the lives of others
55.   How much you're learning and growing every day

Turns out the scale doesn't know so much, does it? The next time you weigh in, take the number with a grain of salt. Never let the number on the scale become the only measure of your worth; make healthy choices, be consistent and trust the process.

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So much of our lives unaffected buy the scale but such power we give it! Report
RREDFORD5 11/15/2018
I don't know, for everyone, but I think this piece is good information for most of us. I haven't had a scale since I was pregnant 23 years ago, and needed to keep track of actual weight. When I went about losing recently, I kept strict track of what I ate, and used my clothes as the bellwether. I understand that weight plateaus are discouraging, and it's difficult enough making the adjustments to eat better-but-less. I agree that the scale shouldn't be a big part of the process, if you're not absolutely required to keep track of weight. Maybe once a week, or two, if one must, but I'm glad I didn't have that to worry about while I was losing, or since I've been maintaining! Report
GETULLY 11/15/2018
Scales, like knitting swatches, are notorious liars. Report
NELLJONES 11/3/2018
Love it! Report
ROBBIEY 10/16/2018
Good information to know. Report
MUSICNUT 7/7/2018
Thanks for a great article! :) Report
Thanks for suggestions Report
I need to keep these things in mind. Report
LIMOM2TWINS 5/13/2018
This article is exactly why I have decided not to weigh myself for at least a month if not more - I weighed myself on 5/1/18 & am going to see how I feel come 6/1 if i do not feel like weighing myself - then i will not - I am not going to let some number determine my self-worth or hurt my motivation or self-esteem in any way. I am working towards a better me and taking away the scale has helped me tremendously. Report
AJB121299 5/8/2018
Nice Report
ANHELIC 5/4/2018
Thanks for the inspiration. Report
Csc stats say average women in my age 50+ American middle class gain 4 lbs a year each year until age 65 or so. So taking the long view is also part of keeping perspective. I am not only working against a starting number, I need to take a bit of credit for reversing the trend in my age group. Let's celebrate how we contribute to the strength of our community. Report
JIBBIE49 3/21/2018
thanks Report
1CRAZYDOG 3/14/2018
Fantastic suggestions. Report
NASFKAB 1/18/2018
Great ideas Report
JVANAM 1/4/2018
If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you. ~1/4/18 Report
2BDYNAMIC 1/3/2018
Great article and the scale is not "all knowing" but is really very limited! ...
It is unfortunate that many inc. myself have given it such status ..No more here! Thank you.. Report
BLONDWUNN 12/31/2017
Good ideas! Helps to defeat discouragement! Report
SHOAPIE 12/31/2017
Great points. Report
LOSER05 12/31/2017
great. Report
MIYAMO 12/31/2017
Great article. My daily mood depends on what my scale tells me each morning. Thanks to your article, not any more. Report
LPORTER2015 12/30/2017
Awesome blog! Such a spirit booster. Sometimes we just need to hear it over and over again. Thank you! Report
LUCYSMOM14 12/30/2017
This was such a confidence boosting article that I copied/ wrote down all 55 things that the scales won't tell you. Wow! I am going 2 make a piece of art so that I can see it every day.Mm Report
NANASUEH 12/30/2017
good points Report
AMYRCMK 12/30/2017
Great list, thank you for sharing it! Report
GETULLY 12/30/2017
So many times our lives are governed by numbers: the scale, the clock, the blood readings. We need to learn to pay attention to the ones that matter and toss the ones that do not. But we always need to pay attention to our bodies. Report
MSNOVADAWN 12/30/2017
Great post. Thank you. Report
TCANNO 12/30/2017
yup, very true Report
Good read! Report
Very helper. thank you. Report
Very helpful! Thank you! Report
Whew, we can sure lose sight of things that are so incredibly valuable! Report
Thank you for the encouraging and inspiring article! It was just what I needed to put the scale in its place. Report
very inspirational & motivational the scale is not the only judge thanks Report
It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up.
- Vince Lombardi Report
Great article! Report
Love this article! Report
Great article. Thank you. Report
Nice way of not saying you haven't lost any or almost no weight. Even these positive lines get disappointing when the weight is just not budging. Report
I tried to take this into consideration my "regularity", too. If I'm a little "bound up" (as Mom would say) I'll be heavier. Report
Great article, well done. I love this article! Report
Wish I could print this off so I could keep it in my journal but it won't let me. I need to be reminded to use positive self talk instead of negative so thanks for sharing this. Report
Great article thanks I had a bad weigh in Report
Too bad those 55 things the scale can't tell you does nothing to help with weight loss. I understand the concept: you're more than a number on the scale. However, this article reads like: "she has a great personality." Report
I use the scale as a guide. It is as much a part of my morning routine as brushing my teeth. I get on it at the same time in the same circumstances from day to day. It is great to see the scale go down but when it does not it is a reminder that I need to be more mindful of what I am putting in my mouth and how much I exercise. Report
Yes. I try to do non-scale victories as much as possible. Report
Timely - I had a bad weigh-in this morning. Really frustrated and glad I read this! Report
Perfect timing to read your post, thanks, you are right! Report