Try On These 5 Fitness Apparel Trends for Fall

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The end of summer means the end of bathing suit season, outdoor workouts with lighter gear, nature hikes and other warm-weather activities. While that might feel like a reason to despair, don't, for fall brings with it a host of new reasons to get outside, hike, bike, walk and run in cooler weather that won't have you worrying about heat stroke or carrying along extra hydration.
Cooler weather means an opportunity to change both your workouts and your wardrobe. Consider switching your color palette, learning to layer or discovering a new fitness trend that can keep you feeling stylish and motivated as you head toward a season switch.
1. Warm Colors

Photo courtesy of Marika
Colors that fill the warm side of the color wheel—think oranges, reds, yellows and other similar shades that remind you of warmth (like the heat or the sun)—are going to be hot this fall. Marika's Cross Mesh Seamless Capri Legging in tawny port is both trendy with its cute side cutouts and comfortable with 92 percent nylon and eight percent Spandex fabric makeup. Or, consider Athleta's Caliber Top in auberge/candy apple, which works well for high-impact fitness routines like running outside where you want to be in something that moves with you without chafing or riding up. The Breeze By Long Sleeve Squad from Lululemon comes in a shade called "aries" that is part orange, part red and all hot. Though it's long sleeve, it has plenty of ventilation to keep you cool during indoor or outdoor sweat sessions.
2. Asymmetrical Jackets

Photo courtesy of Target

There's just something so alluring about an asymmetrical jacket—it keeps you on trend, yet comfy and cozy as the weather cools down. Plus, it's nice to wear something different from the typical ¾ zip jacket or cardigan. This fleece version from C9 Champion at Target is black so it will go with everything and is made with Duo Dry Warm technology that will wick sweat even in cold weather. The Go-Warm Moto Jacket features a notched collar, seamed elbows, a full-length zipper and a warm fleecy material that helps you retain heat. The Adidas Z.N.E. Heartracer Jacket is lightweight and made of soft, comfortable fabric. It's cut a little shorter in the back, has roomy drop shoulders and a high collar with overlapping flaps.
3. Cropped Tops  

Photo courtesy of Amazon
For better or worse, it looks like cropped tops are here to stay. While it might be true that no one is going to look as good as the model in a crop top, there are versions that are a little more conservative that pair great with an underlayer so you're not revealing too much. Crops such as Gymshark's T-Bar Cropped Vest 2.0 fit looser around the middle and are made with a flexible fabric that moves with you. For another looser fit, consider Under Armour's Favorite Terry Crop Crew, which is long-sleeve and runs from sizes XS to XXL. Made of durable French terry material and with a four-way stretch, this tee goes great over a sports bra or a tank. If you're someone who needs light layers to avoid overheating, this cute cropped tank by Bella + Canvas comes in 14 colors and has a boxier fit that's great for wearing alone or layering.
4. Sneakers

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These days, you can find a sneaker for just about any outfit. Whether going to the gym or the grocery, the library or a date, sneakers seem to be a fashion "do." If they happen to match your outfit or not seems to be irrelevant. For the comfiest all-occasion sneaks, may we suggest going with a more neutral color, such as these Adidas Cloudfoam Pure Shoes? If you prefer more of a throwback vibe to complete your outfit, Vans Old Skool trainers remain ever-popular. With a canvas construction, a rubber sole and that "timeless skate style" that has been popular for decades, you'll love to wear these with just about every outfit. For a comfortable, flexible and lightweight shoe that you can wear from gym to casual night out, try these Dansko Women's Honor sneakers. Available in 11 neutral colors, these shoes are stylish enough to wear everywhere you go—from a walk around the track to girls' night.
5. Speaking Your Mind

Photo courtesy of Etsy

While you might not be able to tell everyone what you're thinking, thanks to a variety of workout wear with witty messaging, you can wear your thoughts on your attire. Have a coffee and avocado addiction? Let everyone know with this 100 percent cotton, everyday top from Teepublic. Headed to the gym but need something clever and cute to cover your unwashed hair? Try this adjustable Live Love Lift trucker hat from Etsy. This T-shirt from Little Royaltee Shirts tells everyone about your love/hate relationship with certain exercises without saying a word. Plus, it comes in four colors, five sizes, an athletic fit and a guarantee that you're going to love wearing it.  
Will you try any of these fall fitness trends?
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Other than a hat, I wouldn't wear any if it. I'm too short waisted to wear crop tops, any jkt will do, colors more likely to be grey, blue or black just based on what I already own. They aren't just for workout but everyday as well. And having a wide foot, I wear whatever brand & style suits my workout especially for walking & gym workouts. Report
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I've worn Vans for several years now and my daughter was right, they are the most comfortable sneakers I've ever put on my feet! (plus, I have "cool" Spiderman Vans!) Report
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I will wear warm colors! Report
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