Back On Track: A Consistency Challenge for August!

By , SparkPeople Blogger
It's almost August, and whether we like it or not, the days of summer are dwindling. Bathing suit season may be mostly behind you, but that doesn't mean it's time to abandon your healthy efforts now that autumn is in sight! Plus, maybe all those barbecues you've attended this summer are starting to show on the scale. Maybe your vacations and kids' activity schedules have taken precedence over your exercise routine. Maybe, now that the wild ride of the season is coming to an end, it's time to get back on track and consciously recommit to your healthy lifestyle. And we're here to help you do it with a brand new challenge!  

You know how you feel when you have a really "on" day? Where you've exercised, eaten well, and feel like a million bucks when your head hits the pillow at night? For 31 days, beginning August 1, we want you to make a concerted effort to have as many "on" days as possible. This challenge is a simple one, but can be amazingly effective if you simply take the time and effort to focus your energy on the little things you may have been neglecting lately. This is a social challenge, and it's easy to join. Here is all you have to do:

1) Pinpoint the aspects of your healthy lifestyle that could use some fine-tuning and really focus on those. Have you been tracking your food as carefully as you should? Have you really been giving it your all during your workouts? Have you been letting mindless snacking get the best of you? Be honest with yourself to find the areas of your routine that need some extra help. Then, make a commitment to work on those little things consistently for the next month.

2) Subscribe to us on Facebook,  Pinterest and Twitter to get tips, motivation, and support to help you stay consistent along your challenge every day during the month of August. Additionally, we would like you to share your progress and accomplishments with us by posting your updates with the hashtag #backontrack on any or all of these social media platforms--whatever works for you!

If you're not a social media user, you can still do this challenge by updating your status on your SparkPage using the #backontrack hashtag. Encourage your other SparkFriends to join you along the way. If you'd like, you can even start a thread in the Message Boards to meet new SparkFriends who are also participating in the challenge!

3) The most important thing is to not give up if you do have an "off" day. This challenge is not about all-or-nothing thinking; it's about doing the best you can. If you slip up, get right back on track at the very next opportunity—no pity parties allowed!   

Are you ready to get re-focused, re-committed, and ready to take on the world? Join us for #backontrack! What habits will you be focusing on in August?

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#backontrack with tracking, eating fruits and veggies and drinking water. Plus, I'll add a new goal of strength training 3x a week. :) Report
committing to working out & drinking more water
#backontrack Report
#backontrack Here I go! Report
#gettingconsistant starting today Report
never to late to start its Aug 6 but day 1 for me Report
I am working on getting back on track starting today! Report
#backontrack - focus will be on moving more.... Report
Aug 3rd so far so good! Report
I will keep track of my calories and get back to exercising everyday, did some damage these last few weeks. Report
Will continue to track my food and exercise
Watch the mindless snacking and try to do a better job with healthy snack choices.
change up my exercise so I do not get in a rut. Report
#backontrack - caloric intake, portion controls, regular meal times/spacing, better snacks. Report
#backontrack Drink more water, Track what I eat and Exercise consistently. Report
# back on track I need to work on exercising at least 10 minutes a day. Report
Count me in! Back to consistent work outs and eating right! Report
Count me in! Back to consistent work outs and eating right! Report
#backontrack logging all my food and exercise; planning good meals and snacks so I'm less likely to binge or go off plan; and saying my motivational mantras! Report
Have been off track for so long its time to get back on track Report
#backontrack for consistent strength training in August Report
doing with a spark friend so we will be joining you Report
#backontrack with mindless snacking, putting more into my workouts, and portion control. We can do it! Report
#backontrack - logging food, and drinking H20 and NOT Losing Motivation if I do not see immeadiate results on the scale! Report
#backontrack with jogging. Report
#backontrack with my water and putting a stop to mindless snacks. Day one done! Report
I'm in! i am so ready to get #backontrack. :) Report
I'm in! We are just returning from a 2 week trip to Seattle to visit family and the food options were not all that friendly. Tasty, yes... #backontrack! Report
I have been in maintenance for 11 months. I am getting #backontrack to lose 5 lbs and be more consistent. Good luck everyone. Report
My weight has stableized 30 pounds short of my goal. I'm getting back on track by adding more to my walking and hiking fitness routine. I will be doing more of the fitness videos here. The plan for this month is to concentrate on my core ... Report
drinking my water and do strength training 3 times a week. Report
Get back to food log, daily. Report
Tracking my food at least once per day. Track exercise 5 days per week. Report
Excellent! I love these official Spark challenges! Report
Drinking my water and tracking my food are my #backontrack goals. Report
Boy, do I need this! We found out at the end of June that my husband's cancer is back; he spent 18 days in the hospital in July, and will start chemo next week. I need to make sure that I am healthy and strong for him! So I will commit to eating well, and exercising as much as possible. Report
I tweeted to SP today, asking if there was an actual challenge to sign up for {like, on Challenge Central} and they said NO. You are just supposed to keep track of your own efforts and use the hashtag #backontrack to share on social media. Hope this helps! Report
Have let things slip recently, so this challenge came at a good time. I'm looking to get back on track with exercise (30 minutes/day) and more healthy food choices (cutting down on the unhealthy fast food in particular). Report
I am making the commitment to turn my negative all or nothing thinking around. This gets me down by hurting my confidence, and in turn, justifies a binge when it could be stopped by positive self talk.
I'm in! Report
I STILL cannot figure out how to sign up for this..... ugh....
#backontrack/.hashtag Report
Okay did anyone start up the challenge? Let's give'er! Report
I need this. I've slacked off for far to long!! Report
Need this challenge-want to get back to tracking and Spark Coach and staying within my ranges-even if I will be adding a new early a.m. duty to teach. Report
I am so grateful for this challenge! I have truly fallen off track and starting to give up on myself because no matter how many challenges I completed, I still did not make a dent in my weightloss efforts. I started to feel bad, my anniversary is in September and I want to look and feel beautiful for myself and my husband. I am so glad I found this challenge and I will get back on track for 2014 Report
It is way too hot for me to PUSH and make consistent "good" choices.... Report
Please - I hope someone can help me sign up for this challenge !!! I just cannot figure out where to go or how to do it ? Thanks for your time !
Please - I hope someone can help me sign up for this challenge !!! I just cannot figure out where to go or how to do it ? Thanks for your time !
Count me in! Need to be more consistent with my walking program. Report
I am in--it will be tough with vacation but--I can do it! Report
Good timing, just got back from vacation, and needed to focus on getting back on track, especially for August, and Sept.
I need to start exercising, with a much higher emphasis on strength. Yep, we're talking a fully written out plan to make sure I'm pushing myself every day.
I also need to make sure I'm eating right, which means not being too far under my calorie limits either, because it'll only hurt my strength building goals. I need plenty of lean protein, and want to commit to more fruits, and veggies. Report
I really enjoy your challenges. Thank you!! Report