How to Keep Your House Clean in 15 Minutes a Day!

By , Erin Whitehead, SparkPeople Contributor
If you hate having a designated cleaning day, but love having a clean house, it can seem that the only solution is to hire a cleaning service. But that can be expensive, and many people who hire others to do the dirty work for them often end up cleaning before the cleaning staff arrives anyway! You can avoid spending an entire day cleaning the house if you break the housekeeping chores up into about 15-minute segments each day of the week. This will let you maintain a pretty clean house much of the time without having to spend your entire Saturday scrubbing.
Here we've broken up most of the cleaning necessities into shorter sessions you can fit into each day of the week—with one cleaning-free day off to enjoy your spic and span house!
Monday: Dust
No one wants Mondays to be more miserable than they already are, so reserve one of the easier tasks on this list for the beginning of the week. Grab your dust rag or dusting device of choice and dust furniture, bookshelves, dressers, night stands and the TV. You can even tackle this chore during commercials to break it up even more.
Tuesday: Floors
Floors take some time to tackle so do them early in the week before you're totally wiped. Sweep wood floors and grab the vacuum and hit carpeted areas. Once sweeping is done, tackle the kitchen and bathroom floors with a mop or a quick spot-clean with a wet rag.
Wednesday: Bathrooms
The bathroom is most people's least favorite room to clean. They get grimy and gunky and who really wants to get super friendly with a toilet? Whether you have one bathroom or several, this room is a pretty quick clean even if it's the least fun. Scrub the sink and wipe the counters, and swipe any spots off the mirror before hitting the toilet. Then clean the tub and shower walls, and be glad you did the floors the previous day.
Thursday: Kitchen
Hopefully you're already cleaning the kitchen a little bit every day after cooking and eating meals. So focus on those areas you don't touch every day that need a deeper clean: Give the floor a quick sweep and glance around for areas that need spot cleaning. Then, wipe down the insides of the microwave and fridge before you wipe them down on the outside. Give the stovetop a good scrub, and then wipe the backsplash and clean the sink thoroughly.
Friday: Clutter
You'd rather spend Friday evening at a happy hour or on a romantic date, so this final weekday should be an easy one. Go through the whole house and put any clutter that has accumulated over the week into its rightful spot.
Saturday: Laundry
Laundry isn't exactly a 30-minute chore, but it doesn't require constant attention either. Make laundry day the day you change your bed sheets and towels, then remember to rotate the laundry throughout the day.
Sunday: Day off!
Use Sunday to enjoy your house or to occasionally do those cleaning chores that are seasonal and that don't need weekly or even monthly attention, like cleaning windows or the oven, washing slip covers or curtains, or wiping down baseboards and switch plate covers.
Mix and match your days (outside of the schedule above) to make them work for you. If you hate having a day dedicated to laundry, for example, toss in a load or two a few other days of the week. If you find your floors need a quick vacuum more than once a week, add that chore to one of your least busy days of the week. No matter how you slice it, breaking your task list into smaller chunks will help cleaning the house seem more manageable—especially if you manage to recruit a roommate, spouse or the kids to further lighten the load!

How much time do you spend cleaning each day? Do you prefer to break it up or dedicate one longer day to cleaning?

About the Author
Erin Whitehead is a health and fitness enthusiast who co-founded the popular website and co-wrote The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet book (available May 2014). Now busier than ever with two kids, she writes about healthy pregnancy and parenting at

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KHALIA2 12/3/2018
Thanks for these great tips! Report
1SUZIQ11 9/11/2018
Need to be better about this. My house isnt dirty but I have a horizontal surface sickness! lol Report
NASFKAB 8/4/2018
Thank you very much Report
Good ideas! Report
KMILLER31 6/29/2018
I recommend Flylady Report
ICUC2ONWARD 5/5/2018
This Weeks Goal Report
ICUC2ONWARD 5/5/2018
This Weeks Goal Report
PSEUDOBEAN 4/15/2018
This is all doable for our family, but then again we just live in a 2 bdrm apartment so yeah. Report
ALEXTHEHUN 3/27/2018
Our house looks like an episode of Hoarders. Report
MSROZZIE 3/8/2018
Good article, but don't forget the driveway, patio, yard! Report
LIN1263 3/4/2018
These are not 15 minute jobs for most people, the only thing I could do in 15 minutes is sweep the floors,I have a small hallway,galley kitchen & small bathroom to sweep. Everything else would be a lot longer. I do some chores while my laundry is washing & drying, 95 minutes ,washing is 35 minutes, so I plan for work during that time, then 60 minutes drying time for another chore to do. Report
SHELLLEY2 1/28/2018
I look forward to my daily cleaning. Sort of made it part of my routine. Gets the blood moving and then I move onto my daily workout :) Report
Maybe if I lived alone.... Report
This was the added motivation I needed to get an effective cleaning schedule going in my household. Report
Great tips Report
Each of those chores takes considerable longer than 15 minutes. Report
Finally an article I relate to and non of the "feel good"mumbo jumbo. Report
thanks. Report
I've been cleaning little neglected areas for 15 mins at a time. It took 4 days to declutter a bookshelf but it was a mess for months, Report
Good ideas. Report
Maybe this would work if you don't have a house full of kids 24/7. Report
I think an hour a day would be more appropriate, I live alone, but luandry with barn clothing, regular clothing and scrubs, bedding, towels, would be 4-5 loads, and folding would take more than an hour. Floors sweeping, mopping and vacuuming, like I said an hour, either I move slower or my house is much bigger! Report
Complete bow locks. Assumes you live alone, don't have any hobbies, garden (for mud), pets, and no more things than you have places to store them. Also, never get crap you didn't ask for for Christmas
Wow, I wish I only had to do laundry once a week!
I'm trying to work out a regular chore schedule at the moment. What's worked so far for laundry is start Thursday evening since I do about 3 loads a week so I'm done with laundry on Saturdays.
Dishes is something I need to tackle every day or the kitchen gets out of control. Report
I'm single with dogs. This would never work! LOL! I need cleaning oftener & in smaller chunks.

Flylady and or Sandra Felton make it a lot more do-able. Report
I like to spend at least an hour to each room. I usually chunk each room into 20 minutes chunks. Report
You've got to be kidding! 15 minutes for all the floors????????? Report
Amazing. Report
I have 2 small children. If I waited until Saturday to do all my laundry, I wouldn't get anything else done that day. Five or more loads of laundry, plus changing sheets and making beds in 15 minutes? Not to mention that I can't even vacuum my house in 15 minutes, let alone any mopping. I'm guessing the author is unmarried, lives in a tiny apartment, and is never home long enough to create a mess. Report
Have been following FlyLady for years - even when I was a single, working Mom. And it works - even my children would check the "chore" most days - and remind me. For us, it added a bit of fun to our busy days.
barb Report
All I can do is laugh at this one! Real life doesn't seem to work like this, at least not in my experience! Report
One word: FlyLady. Report
But...who can do laundry only once a week? Not me, anyway...
Otherwise, good guidelines, thanx!
Excellent idea! Thank you. Report
this seems to be for a single person or a couple without children Report
There's no way I can vacuum all of my carpets, as well sweep and mop the kitchen, dining room, and two bathroom floors in 15 minutes. Just those chores alone would take an hour or more. Breaking cleaning into smaller blocks by the day might work well, but it's unlikely that an entire house can be cleaned in just 1.5 hours a week. Still, if I could get myself to tackle one or two short chores a day, I might be able to spend less of my weekend devoted to cleaning. It could be worth a try. Report
I have a wonderful friend who does a 2 hour clean once a month. So I only have to keep up the dishes and the toilet throughout the month. At 76 it is so worth having someone come in. A friend who cleans is so preferable to a service which can really be pricey. And the friend is only $40 a month! So doable. She takes out the garbage and recycling too for me. So getting ready for her is only gathering up the garbage (and I do clean the toilet) but that's all I need to do. Report
I had a cleaning person, but its TRUE I DID clean before she came !! Plus I had her at first because of my size, cleaning was very hard. Now that Ive lost some weight (50 lbs so far) I LIKE to do my OWN cleaning. It gives a great feeling of knowing I DID IT. I do a lot like this,,, a little a day,, I never have a day of housework. When my GD was living with me for the most part,,,, I did the housework while she was either at school or when she sle
pt for the night. That was always the bathroom,, sink,, toilet,, shower I do daily. Its very easy to keep it up this way. Weekly I did the fridge and stove (Under the pans,, and the inside of it). the floors are my challenge, but still they do get done. Report
Humh, that might work if you are single. Report
Although this has no official print version, it can be printed; just hit Control-P. The smaller the page font, the fewer pages to print. The sidebars will be printed too, but no biggie. You can also print or omit the comments. Report
I would love this if only the others in my home and the CATS co-operated. Report
I wish I only had to clean the floors once a week. My list of chores everyday consist of washing dishes, wipe off stove, counter, cabinets, walls, and fridge, laundry, sweep floors, bleach floors, vacuum floors, clean bathroom, trash, litter boxes, feed ducks, cats, dogs, rabbit, and fish. Not to mention walking dogs, going to work, and helping the kids with their homework. The once a week stuff would be bathing animals, making the kids clean their rooms and rabbit cage. On top of all that I'm supposed to plan and prepare healthy meals and exercise. Report
Useful tips. Thanks! Report
At my house none of these things could be accomplished in 15 minutes. I try to spend an hour or so every day on cleaning (not including laundry which I do a couple of times a week), but my plan is room by room, not chore by chore. Report
Ugh--I guess I am just too lazy to clean my house! The idea of cleaning every night is just depressing so I'll keep doing the little tidying up parts but leave the real cleaning to our amazing housekeeper. She knows our quirks and never complains but the house looks great when we get home. WONDERFUL! Report
Great. Useful. Thank you. Report
You did say mix and match. Well my:
Mon.- pick up from the weekend
Tue.- Laundry and Kitchen
Wed.- Shopping "Get Out"
Thurs.- Declutter other things, and organize papers and mail.
(It's that much)
Friday- Dust and glass clean and floors
Sat. Meetings, funerals, or luncheons
Sunday- Church and yard organizing and just sitting out there with a cool drink of any kind.

However, Bathrooms are daily, swish the bowls and sinks, wipe the mirrors, if toothpaste popped on it and pass the mop with disinfectant on it.
That is the way I use to do it.
Pain is something, young people when you cannot lift, sweep or anything. Report
Good plan, but bathrooms need to be cleaned more than once a week. Yuck! Report
Good plan, but bathrooms need to be cleaned more than once a week. Yuck! Report