Everything You Need to Know about Stress Relief

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Stress is something that everyone encounters at least once in their lifetime, and some may experience it more than others. Some people are also able to manage their stress levels well, while others have a difficult time in dealing with it. Let's face it, while the holidays are meant to be a joyous part of the year, stress is rampant during this time as well, and many of us experience even more stress than usual! With all the parties and events that you need to attend, shopping that needs to be done, entertaining out-of-town guests, etc. , you may find yourself running out of time to get things done, including your workouts. I've rounded up a variety of resources to help you learn about stress and combat/relieve your stress in healthy ways. I hope that you will be able to use some of these rescources to de-stress during the holidays (and after they are long gone), especially if you have ever felt like the woman in the picture.

Official Stress Busting Challenge

31 Days to Less Stress

7 Simple Stress Busters

A Guide to Walking Meditation

Can Stress Cause Weight Gain?

De-Stress in 3 Minutes or Less

Squeezing Your Stress Away

Now and Zen: Easy Relaxation Techniques

Fighting Holiday Fatigue

Beat Stress, Weigh Less

10 High-Stress Personality Characteristics

The Stress Test

Quiz: How Stressed Are You?

How often do you find yourself feeling stressed? Are you more stressed during the holiday season? What are your favorite ways to de-stress?

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KHALIA2 2/6/2020
My husband has had a stroke. And I find myself stressed out about him! Report
KATHYJO56 1/13/2020
great article Report
CD24912514 10/30/2019
Thanks Report
BIKE4HEALTH 9/23/2019
Thanks Report
DRAGONFLY631 5/3/2019
Thanks for the info Report
great article Report
Reoccurring extended family drama have me stressed, really stressed, really really stressed. Researching stress reduction articles to try and lower my reaction to it all. Report
Very insightful article. Report
Stress can cause a person to derail on your program. we have to recognize our triggers to combat stress. Report
I'm trying to work on stress reduction but it isn't as easy as one might think. Report
I am learning to remove stress from my life. Report
I'm under constant stress. Taking care of mother and grandmother while trying to run my business and living with other family members who do nothing to make it a safe environment for mother and grandmother. I want out of here so bad, but the economy is making it difficult to afford a house yet. To cope, I do deep breathing exercises and yoga. Report
I have been very stressed this holiday season - family not getting along, still recovering from the 3 surgeries I had last year. I am moving forward and not looking back! Report
Learn to do EFT Tapping. There are clips about it on YouTube. It is very helpful. Report
Thanks Denise. I took the stress quiz....think I have a few things to work on :) Report
I was in a high stress job for 30 years then retired. Because I was so stressed I found it hard to slow down. I then took on a part time job which after 8 years became stressful again. I recently retired again from that. During the stress years I did meditation and exercise to try to relieve the issues. Yes, food came into play as well since I was working non-stop without lunches, few breaks, and therefore ate mindlessly. Needless to say I gain weight. Even with exercise I gained-because I still did not get the amount I used to get before the jobs. Now I am learning what it means to destress. I am not losing weight as fast as I'd like but at least I am not in the gaining marathon any more. Thanks in large part to Sparkpeople. Having support of others with many of the same issues has helped. Report
This article stressed me out because it was all in bold. This automatically triggers my fight or flight. Report
I don't tend to stress out these days, so when something does ruffle my feathers it's difficult to maintain a focused level. Usually, it's a co-worker's negative personality directed my way. That's why I've developed a fairly strong routine of hitting the gym every morning before work! Report
I think I handle stress pretty well, but I thank you for all these links that will add to the techniques I already use... added this to my favs:) Report
Right NOW I am being stressed out over something I didn't want and its being done in a way I DID NOT WANT and I am finding I have very very little say over it. Report