How to Get Back Up When You're Down

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Editor's Note: This blog is part of our "Hello from SparkGuy" series--a weekly post where SparkGuy himself stops by to motivate, inspire and share a bit about what's going on at SparkPeople. 

Hello, SparkPeople Members!

I hope last week went well and you are ready for another good week ahead! With the holidays quickly approaching, life can get very busy. Let's all keep taking small steps one at a time to reach our goals for the last 70 days (or so) left this year. Don't give up on reaching goals this year. Instead, make every day count!

Motivation in a Minute

I read this great quote on Quora yesterday:

"When we hit our lowest point, we are open to our greatest change." (From the TV show Avatar.)

This is a brilliant quote that illustrates a major point I make in the free 10+ Fitness Minutes Mini-Book: all it takes is a few small positive steps when we are down (which happens to all of us) to start building a virtuous cycle back up. It also clearly demonstrates how mistakes can be great learning experiences. (This is coming from someone with a history of anxiety who doesn't like making mistakes, but now values the process when it inevitably happens :)). Any time you are down for any reason, make a mistake, or somehow stray from your goals, just keep this quote in mind and immediately start thinking about one positive step you can take. Examples would be: eating one healthy food, doing 10 or more fitness minutes at home, calling a friend, or even posting in the SparkPeople Community to receive support. 

You can do it!

SparkPeople Mobile

Another thing I wanted to mention this week is that over the past few months, we have greatly improved the SparkPeople mobile apps. This includes both of our flagship apps and some smaller ones:

1) Nutrition and Fitness tracking app
2) Healthy Recipes app
3) Smaller apps like our Inspirational Quote of the Day app

If you use mobile apps, would you mind downloading our apps and trying them out? And then, if you do like the apps, would you mind rating them for us? With so many people using apps now, this is one of the top actions you can take to help us help more people reach their goals. I'd really appreciate your help!

You can download all of our apps from this page:

Weekly Check-In

Last week, over 400 people left messages on the Weekly Check-In, so let's keep doing this feature! Just click the link to the blog below and share any small steps you took to reach your goals the prior week, OR share a goal you have for the upcoming week. This could be a fun way for us to motivate each other! Check in here.

That's all for this week. I'll see you next week, or as always, you can find me on SparkPeople or on our Facebook page -- I post to each just about every day.



Chris (SparkGuy)

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Even the best of us need a nudge when we seem to be at our lowest! Report
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