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How to Keep Exercise from Zapping Your Energy

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Do you ever hit an energy low during your workouts? If so, there could be a variety of reasons why, but some of those can be an easy fix, such as eating properly, getting enough rest, drinking plenty of water, changing up your workouts, etc.

Whenever I find myself hitting a low during my workouts, I run through a list of things in my head to figure out what may be happening so it doesn't continue to happen for future workouts.  A few things that I do to make sure I have enough energy for my workouts are to make sure I'm well rested, drink plenty of water and make sure I switch up my workouts so I don't get bored.  If I'm not well rested, then I am going to be tired well before my workout, which will not only cause my workout to be less than great, but it can also lead to more fatigue and possible injuries. On the days that I know I didn't sleep well the night before, I either do a short walk as my workout (or something else that is quick and simple) or I skip that day's workout. I would rather go to bed early to help me catch up on my sleep so I will be more rested and less injury prone. If all goes well and am better rested the next day, I am able to put more effort into my workout then.
Drinking plenty of water before, during and after working out helps prevent dehydration and allows your body to cool itself naturally by sweating. Without having the proper balance of fluids, your body may have a harder time cooling off, which can also cause your energy levels to drop during your workout.  This is a very important thing to remember, especially during your longer workouts and when you are working out in the heat.
Another thing that I do, which is something I've talked about in previous blogs, is to keep my workouts interesting. I get bored quickly if I do the same workouts over and over, so I like to change things up often and include a variety of exercises and activities in my workout programs. If I'm bored with my workout, I'm not only going to be feeling less enthusiastic about it and not wanting to do it at all, but I will also be more likely to hit an energy low on it just because I don't like the activity that I'm doing.
Of course these aren't the only things that I think about to keep my energy levels up, but they are just a few of the main things that I really make sure to follow as a general rule. You can click here for more tips on preventing exercise energy zappers so you don't fall into the low energy trap.

Do you find yourself hitting the wall with low energy during your workouts? What do you do to prevent that from happening?

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KAYLEIG 1/5/2020
When I believed in forever, and everything would stay the same
Now my heart feel like December when somebody say your name. Report
Great advice. Report
I really believe in this kind of the topic where are given the many of the facts how we can continue our exercise because workout is really good for burn our facts which store after eats many of the foods. Report
great advice Report
I definitely agree about working out without sufficient sleep. I have dragged myself into the gym on those days, and it is a chore. I also noticed that my heart rate is usually very high on those days. I learned it is better to rest than to go to the gym on those days. Report
Great advice! Report
If I work out and I am tired, I feel it throughout the workout. It effects my heart rate, and my energy. A good night sleep is crucial before I head to the gym. My workout must have is also good music. I use my gym time as my praise and worship time, so if my internet is not working well, like yesterday, I might as well go home. A 30-minute workout felt like an hour without my music. Report
I really like this article. Report
My gym is open 'til midnight, so if I'm too tired when I usually go around 7:00, I can take an hour nap after dinner and push back my workout time so I'm only 30 minutes behind schedule. Then I go to bed early! Report
I never feel rested and dont sleep well at nights any more (lots of life stress right now) so I never feel like working out. Report
I really struggled with this morning's run. I figured it was probably my poor eating choices during the week (particularly last night's ridiculous dinner) and maybe also slight dehydration. Report
Thanks for sharing - some good ideas & reminders in there. Report
That makes so much sense. I used to have water, then a low-glycemic protein shake before my morning workout. It worked for awhile. Lately, however, I've been sluggish. I'm going to change up my morning routine and see how that works. Report
I get tired sometimes because I don't sleep well. So I try to get the rest I need. I also do things like today. I did enough cardio today that I can take tomorrow off and sleep in and get the rest I need. So tomorrow I have a day planned for light working cleaning. Got my cardio and strength training in today. Report
I have blood sugar problems, which results in needing to watch my hydration level more closely and my nutrition during long workouts. Report
I have been so tired at times, I almost fell asleep on my bike. I usually do a short workout when that happens. Good tips, they help give me better ideas for energy! Report
some days you just don't want to start or finish a workout. When that happens, I focus on doing 30 minutes on the treadmill/outside walk, and a limited amount of strength training to my key items. A little is better than nothing! Report
I have to work hard to be sure to fuel workouts right. Not that I am a superstar athlete (yet!) by any means. But still, as an older woman, I find I can't rely on just eating regular meals, and having enough energy to power through a workout. I have to be sure and eat enough nutrient-dense food. That is where the SparkPeople Nutrition Tracker really helps me a lot! I can find good healthy snacks there, and that makes my workout work better! Report
good info!!! Report
Water, water, water! When I'm dehydrated, my energy level drops quite quickly. Report
Interesting topic! I found myself feeling tired during workouts when I was going through depression...I couldn't believe how low my energy was! Report