Learn to Love At-Home Workouts With This Folding Treadmill

By , Elizabeth Lowry, Staff Writer
You've probably heard the horror stories of treadmills gone bad: Machines purchased with the best of intentions as daily morning running resolutions sour sooner than you can say "DVR." Instead of looking at your equipment with hope, you look at it with annoyace for taking up so much room in your basement. The right treadmill, though, can change the way you approach your fitness goals. It can keep you honest (it's a lot harder to decline a workout when all you have to do is walk to the next room), safe (when inclement weather or lack of daylight hampers your outdoor workout) and within budget.

While the gym at our SparkPeople offices isn't big or fancy, it gets the job done and we all thoroughly enjoy the convenience of getting our sweat on a few times throughout the day. Recently, when presented with the opportunity to get new piece of gym equipment, like any good democracy we put it up for a vote. The team overwhelmingly voted "yea" to adding another treadmill to allow for more than one person to get in a good walk or run during lunch.

After some deliberation, our office manager chose the LifeSpan TR3000i Folding Treadmill for a number of reasons including the price, the great reviews, free shipping, its fantastic features and also personal experience—we have been super satisfied with our LifeSpan treadmill desk that we've been using daily for the past four years.

However, those were the reasons we chose the treadmill "on paper." In reality, this piece of equipment offers so much more.

Since our gym space is at a premium, we were happy to discover upon delivery that we could easily lift and maneuver it into place between the wall and a stationary bike. Its compact size made it the perfect fit for the designated area.

Once installed and powered up, I took it for a test run. I was delighted to discover it ran as quietly as some reviewers promised it would, since our exercise room is tucked away, but not completely closed off from the main areas of our offices. When someone fires up our other, older treadmill, everyone knows it. For the home exerciser worried about rousing the whole house when they hit the start button for their 5 a.m. 5K, the model's muted motor is a huge plus.

Even though treadmill running or walking can still be a tedious chore at times, LifeSpan's 21 pre-installed workout plans give you the option to change up your workout often, which is great for staving off boredom and for pushing the body in different ways. Whether running at my own pace or challenging myself with a programmed setting, I can also easily view my time, estimated calories burned, distance, speed, incline and more on the sizeable, intuitive monitor.

Every step along the way (counted or not) is cushioned and easy on your joints thanks to compression shock absorbers so you don't have to worry about any knee or back pain. Oh, and the three-speed fan providing a nice, cooling breeze while you work is a wonderful bonus.

Step-counter champions will also love that the treadmill records every step so you can meet your daily goals even if you're not wearing your tracker. Another fabulous feature is this treadmill's syncing capabilities. LifeSpan offers the option to purchase a Bluetooth adapter, which allows you to sync health apps to LifeSpan's Active Trac app so you'll never miss tracking a workout. 

If you've been wanting to add a treadmill to your home or office gym, with a $1,299.00 price tag, this model is an affordable option for both beginners and advanced runners and walkers. LifeSpan delivers again with an outstanding product that we're sure to enjoy for many years to come.

What: LifeSpan TR3000i Folding Treadmill
Price: $1,299
Dimensions: 70.5 x 33.1 x 53.9 inches; 220.5 pounds
Purchase: Amazon

Are you considering making a treadmill a part of your home or work gym? How do you fit in your exercise?

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Great article. Report
Thanks Report
HEDSTS58 6/7/2020
There are better treadmills for less money. Not everyone can afford $1300 for a trwadmill
REDROBIN47 10/5/2019
This sounds like a great treadmill and the price seems very reasonable. It would be nice for someone who isn't on a fixed income. Report
Great blog! Thank you! I just finished exercising, and my knee has a pain in it. http://ggstreetview.com Report
Interesting Report
thanks Report
Love my treadmill! Its a morning routine👌 Report
Love my treadmill! Its a morning routine👌 Report
All that and the price is not exorbitant Report
I would not be without mine Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
I've been wanting a treadmill for a long while. For the complaints about the price of this particular treadmill; their are MANY cheaper choices. Good luck fellow Sparkies and Spark on! Report
I love my fold-up treadmill. Just happen to stop at a local store going out of business. I wasn’t looking to buy one; however, they had one marked down 3/4 of the original price. The only thing physically wrong with it was missing the end cap on the arm . I can live with that! Report
I would love to be able to have a treadmill. This way I would be sure to be able to get in as much walking as I would like. However, that is far too expensive for someone living on a very small and limited income and is already struggling to make ends meet. I will just have to get my walks in when the weather permits - would also love to be able to walk further, maybe someday Report
How appropriate. I've had a gym membership continuously since 1972 and just decided on a home treadmill instead. Since I credit SP with my 7 years of maintenance, I'm going to take your advice and buy this one. You've been right about everything so far. Report
I love my treadmill, especially because there are many days when I cannot walk outside due to inclement weather. Report
Most of my workouts do not include using the treadmill, however, yesterday, at the gym I did hop on it. I noticed the lady beside me was walking a little slower and had burned twice as many calories as I did. I plan to do a little research to determine if my incline and speed is the best calorie burner for me. Report
I used to have a treadmill and I was doing ok on it until the motor went. Report