Motivational Quotes You Should Print and Look at Daily

By , Alicia Capetillo, Editor-in-Chief
Motivation is a fleeting concept. No one wakes up every single day feeling like they want to go crush their workouts and eat all the kale. No, some days, even the most dedicated people just want to blow off their workout, sink into the couch and eat leftover pizza.

If you're someone who struggles to find motivation daily, though, it could be worth looking into why you're not excited about your fitness or eating routine anymore. Perhaps you've grown tired of walking the same loop around the city after work. Maybe the meal plan you've set for yourself used to please your taste buds, but lately everything is just tasting bland. It might just be that you've reached a new level of health and need to step things up to continue feeling challenged and inspired to achieve. Even the most exciting plan can get stale after so many weeks of the same, and it's important to change things up every so often to continue growing, getting stronger and getting healthier. 

As you work to find your motivation again, something as simple as a great mantra or quote can have the power to push you to make it to that 5:30 p.m. workout or get over to the grocery story to buy ingredients for that tasty new recipe you bookmarked. The next time you're feeling blah and can't fathom going through any kind of effort to be your best self, steal one of these powerful quotes for an added boost. Repeating the words to yourself in your head or in front of a mirror might just be the thing you need to get through this motivational slump and get back to achieving.

What's your go-to motivational quote? What saying gets your pumped for achieving your goals?

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ONLYME33 8/23/2019
Make life and everything possible in it a little more fun--Serious is for planning the end not the during.Note I said 'possible' things fun that doesn't mean everything-some people on Spark will just want to tear that one apart woo hoo.
Take Care: eat, exercise, Have Fun doing it. Report
CURLYGRL777 8/9/2019
I agree with some of the other comments. More realistic pics. One of my favorites:

Don't dream it! Rocky Horror Picture Show. Report
For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

_Jeremiah 29:11 NIV Report
Thanks. Report
NIKO27 2/28/2019
Great Article Report
ELAINEANN 2/27/2019
I am a 75 yo woman - there is NOTHING in any of these photos that can begin to motivate me. Spark People is usually better than this! Report
GMAM48 2/27/2019
Progress does not mean perfection! Report
KHALIA2 2/24/2019
Thank you for these inspiring quotes! Report
MARDELL8 2/21/2019
What got me through 100 mile endurance horse races was my favorite quote: "They shall mount up on wings of eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint. (Isaiah 40:31). That and the thought that I could always make it to the next tree up the mountain! We can always do something for short periods of time. . . Report
SXB990 2/19/2019
Excellent Report
REDROBIN47 2/8/2019
These are great. Thank you. Report
DIGIT00 2/8/2019
Thank you! Report
@OOKLATHEMOK And they're all young and extremely fit. Where are the older folks with no desire to push ourselves to extremes? Report
HOLLYM48 2/7/2019
Great quotes! Report
Great quotes! Report
Awesome blog! Report
CHRIS3874 2/6/2019
thanks Report
WISDOM73 2/6/2019
This one is from Nike: Just do it! Report
BRENDA196122 2/6/2019
Hmmm, ironic? No quotes listed on the article for motivational quotes. I guess some was able to read them, me, not so much. Report
PMORENA 2/6/2019
Sometimes the best motivation is reading stories here from other Spark members Report
SPINECCO 2/6/2019
Great motivational quotations. My favorite is "JUST DO IT! " Report
LKLINKEN49 2/6/2019
There wasn't any motivational quotes in the blog I read, something wiped them out. Report
PAULAM23 2/6/2019
Honor the spirit within you

Love the life you've got Report
HRTBRKR2013 2/4/2019
Great inspirations thanks for sharing them. Report
Keep moving forward. We can do it. Report
NANCYPAT1 2/1/2019
Great quotes Report
NANCYPAT1 2/1/2019
Great quotes Report
NANCYPAT1 2/1/2019
Great quotes Report
NANCYPAT1 2/1/2019
Great quotes Report
NANCYPAT1 2/1/2019
Great quotes Report
SANS2SASSY1 1/30/2019
Thanks! Report
FERRETLOVER1 1/25/2019
I love these! I truly believe you can motivate yourself with sayings like these and with visualization - if you can see yourself at your goal, you can reach your goal! Report
MNABOY 1/22/2019
Thanks for sharing Report
these are good Report
FERRETLOVER1 1/17/2019
Terrific motivational quotes! Report
MARYGOLD5 1/13/2019
Thank you. Report
To quote Tony the Tiger, tis article is ger-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r ATE! Report
I like these! Report
Thank you for great quotes. My personal one: "When all else fails, persistence prevails." Report
MBETH99XX 1/10/2019
Progress, not perfection Report
BETH110764 1/7/2019
So many of these quotes are meaningful. I need to jot them down, so I can remember them! Report
LIZ-GS 1/5/2019
From my kids elementary school: What the Mind conceives, the Heart believes, the Body achieves. Report
SUGARSMOM2 1/4/2019
many words to live by . Report
Conceive It,
Believe It,
Achieve It. Report
Interesting collection. I like No Pain, No Pain. Report
SUNSET09 1/1/2019
Thanx for sharing, SparkFriend Report
GABY1948 1/1/2019
great Report
SCHECK5 1/1/2019
Awesome quotes Report
GABY1948 12/31/2018
Love this!
NANHBH 12/30/2018
Love these! Report