My Fitness Dreams

By , SparkPeople Blogger
By Beth Donovan (~INDYGIRL)

Playing free in the sunshine,
Soft brown hair in tossing in the breeze,
Walking amongst the flowers,
Hearing the buzzing bees.

I discover and I travel,
Without a wheelchair or walker in sight,
Walking down the sandy beach,
On a balmy Florida night.

I visit favorite places,
Like those I used to go,
Disney World and Epcot,
To walk them makes me glow!

To fly there now,
Would really be a treat,
Instead of buying two,
I would only need one seat.

I would ride the rides,
And relish each and every one,
And enjoy the walks between,
My journey has begun.

My body dances in the wind,
On the curls of the ocean surf,
Limitless and full of possibility,
My soul barely touching Earth.

I want to live the dream now,
I know it can be done,
I’ve lost 145 pounds now,
My battle is halfway won.

The inner child never tires,
And now nor will I.
With grace and beauty transformed,
I now aim for the sky.

What is your fitness dream?

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Beautiful, passionate poem. Thanks for sharing it, this made my day. Report
KERRYG155 3/8/2019
When I lost my weight my sister treated me to a Disney World for a weekend of fun for just the two of us-it was great! Report
ANHELIC 12/26/2018
Thanks for sharing. Report
Well done! Report
What a beautiful poem! Report
Good to have a buddy. Report
Enjoyable poem. We can take in the world when we walk, it slows everything down. Report
Playing and hiking with the grandkids in the White Mountains! Report
My dream is everyday,
Ordinary, but
Every day it's this
Comfortable in my body
Proud in my body
Unashamed of my age
Grateful for my beautiful life
Attentive to what surrounds me
Humble before the mercies I've been shown
Merciful in return
A nurturing mother to my children
A worthy partner to my spouse
An inspiring teacher to my students
A giver of the joy I feel

I stumble often
I am upheld
I see this

Every day
In my everyday dream Report
Very beautiful. Report
Beautiful & real. Report
I truly believe I will succeed. Report
As usual you put it down on paper beautifully. Well done Beth. Report
Your passion in your poem made me really think about how similar we all are... everyone wants to feel so alive, don't you think? Love your Poem! Keep up the Good Work! Report
Such a beautiful poem. Stay strong, you will succeed and do all the things in your poem.
Deb Report
I loved this! I printed it and put it on my bulletin board next to my home office desktop. Report
Your poem is exactly what I needed to read this morning. Keep up the awesome work, and keep inspiring people to keep moving forward. Report
Beautiful, inspiring poem!! Thank you!! Report
LOVE it! I'm definitely saving this one.... Report
This is really beautiful. You have such a talent with poetry. I don't usually care for a lot of poetry but I loved this. It really spoke to my heart. Report
Lovely, lovely, lovely!!!
What Spark People has helped so many people accomplish!!! Report
Thank you for posting such a beautiful poem that expresses the dreams I have also. Wishing you all the best on your journey to better health. Report
Fantastic...thank you! Report
May your health and fitness dreams come true! Report
loved this poem Report
Beautiful poem!! Report
It is so wonderful to have the dream and then to be able to live the dream - What Joy!
TerrBear Report
What a beautiful poem. You are such an inspiration to all of us. Report
Perfect for monday morning. Report
What a beautiful poem and what a journey you've been on losing all this weight Beth :-) Congratulations and keep on keepin' on. Thanks for sharing!! Report
I liked your poem. As per usual you got me thinking. I want to develop a healthier eating program, exercise program, and way of life. Thank-you again. Report
Absolutely Awesome!! Report
Beautiful!! You truly are an inspiration!!! Congratulations on your accomplishments...incredible!!! Report
Beautiful Poem! You are beautiful and an inspiration to all. Report
You've done a GREAT job!!! Good luck with the rest of your journey......YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!! Report
Great job! Report
thank you for motivation and congratulations on your weight loss and good luck as you continue your journey Report
to tone my body so that it looks on the outside like I feel on the outside. Also, I want to keep up with my running, and surprise people with how fit I actually am.

And I loved the poem. Makes me want to write my own... Report
I would love to run more than I walk and I'm working to do just that! Thanks for sharing! Report
Beautiful poem and congratulations Report
Beautiful & inspiring! Thank You. Report
You will reach your goal! What a beautiful post. Keep up the good work! Report
Thank you! Report
What a wonderful job losing all that weight. You really inspire me. Report
Beautiful aspirations! And you are well on your way. You are so very inspiring. Keep blogging -- it helps us all. Report
That was so beautiful and inspiring. We share the same dream. I am working towards being able to walk without being winded and aching. You inspire me to keep going, slow and steady is the race but if we believe- we can achieve ! Report
That is beautiful! Your journey is quite an inspiration! Thank you for allowing us to all share in your victory! Report
Great poem! I'm living my fitness dream. One of my favorite bicycle rides is to climb from Boulder (~5400 elevation) to a little town called Ward (9200 feet) and then if I'm feeling even more energetic, to ride along a rolling road to Caribou Ranch, then back to Ward and home. It's a long ride, lots of climbing, but so beautiful. It takes a lot of earlier rides to get to this level of fitness, but when I reach this point, I'm living my dream. Report
Beautiful and congratulations on the weight loss up to now and that which is to come. Report