SparkSpotlight: Jillian (JILLIAN48)

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At SparkPeople, we love helping people accomplish big goals—but we believe it's equally important to celebrate the small successes along the way. Each week in the Spark Spotlight, we'll check in with a featured member about his or her proudest moments, biggest challenges and advice for others on living, thinking and feeling healthier. We hope these quick snapshots will help motivate you to keep moving steadily toward your own goals, week by week.
This Week's Spotlight: Jillian (JILLIAN48)
Age: 39
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Small Success of the Week
Jillian recently discovered that she could fit into a size XL shirt again. She has held on to the shirt for the past eight years and has barely been able to wear it because it has been too tight and uncomfortable. Now when she puts on the shirt, not only does it fit, but it has room to spare!  
What's your overall goal?
My overall goal is to feel comfortable and healthy again in my body. I want to have more energy, stamina and I want to be a good role model for my son. He is my biggest inspiration.
How is SparkPeople helping you get there?
SparkPeople keeps me accountable. Good or bad, my choices are all there for me to review and I know where I need to put in the extra work. Even better is the community of people who are all working toward the same goals and have been in the same situation or have overcome obstacles and can give you advice or cheer you on. Their support makes all the difference!
What's your biggest challenge right now?
My biggest challenge has always been to accept that change doesn't happen overnight and to know that baby steps bring huge results, but I am impatient and want it now (who doesn't?!). It's hard at times to not be frustrated, but I am learning.
What advice do you have for someone who just joined SparkPeople today?
Post your struggles and achievements, make friends, track everything and have fun with it. I actually look forward to "Sparking" every day. It's become part of my daily ritual!
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Great. I know it feels good. I have just reached 120 pounds off myself. I went from a size 26 to a size 10. I still have 13 pounds left to reach my target weight. That should land me at an 8/10. Congratulations. Report
Well done. Report
Me too, isn't it great? Report
Congratulations! Hope to see some blogs perhaps in the
near future. You are doing fabulous! Report
Yes!! Looking forward to joining you. Thanks for the inspiration! Report
excellent...thanks for sharing Report
Yay!!! What a great feeling!!! Report
This is great! I know how you feel many years ago I weighed 336 but never get above 162 now and not happy about that! Report
Congratulations! Report
Great article Report
Way to go! Keep sparking! Report
Congrats on your weight loss.keep the good work. Report
That’s an accomplishment and keep up the good work, SparkFriend. Report
Congrats. I remember how good that was when I reached that point. Report
Congrats!!! I remember that feeling!! It's exciting you've done it!!! If,, well, when you get discouraged, remember how it felt Report
Great story! Congrats! Report
Congrats! You are awesome! Report
Woo hoo! Congrats on your success. Report
Way to go! Report
Way to go! Report
Way to go! Report
Such an accomplishment. It's so much fun to be able to get into our old favorites. I've been holding off buying new clothes, but got such a kick out of getting into some of my old L knit pants, instead of the XL. I even ordered a new pair of the L pants. They're stretchy, so should be able to wear them for a while. It just felt good to have something new. Report
Way to go! Great non-scale victory! Report
That's wonderful, Jillian! CONGRATULATIONS! :) Report
Congrats! Report
I have a few Milestone clothing items I want to hang onto. Congrats on your sucesses and new extra wardrobe! Report
Keep it up. Report
Congratulations! All my XL's are packed away, I'm waiting for cooler weather get them out. I hope they fit. Fingers crossed. ;- D Report
Congrats, Jillian! Great job! Report
Great job! Report
Congrats. Report
I see this as a big accomplishment. Great job. Report
Well done Jillian. Keep moving forward. Report
Congratulations! Report
Well done, a real achievement and something to be celebrated.
Keep on keeping on. x Report
Congrats! Small steps DO lead to big results. You got this! Report
Congratulations. I know what you mean about “wanting it now.” However, I have learned on my Spark journey that small steps does indeed lead to big results. Slow and steady is winning my race. Report
Wonderful, congratulations!!! Report
Congrats to you. Report
That's so cool! I have a denim jacket I'm holding onto. I hope to fit back into it. Report
Congrats! You are awesome. Report
way to go Report