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The 500-Calorie Treadmill Workout

By , SparkPeople Blogger
It's no secret that I'm not a huge fan of the treadmill. I love to run, hike and even walk with my pup, but I do it all outdoors all year round. Rain, snow, wind, heat—almost nothing can keep me from my outdoor workouts. For me, a treadmill is a "last resort" when I have no other option to get outside.
But I know that not everyone is as gung-ho about outdoor exercise as I am. Many people hate running in the cold or the heat. (Nothing wrong with that.) Others have no other option to work out, especially if they have to be at home with kids or don't live in a safe neighborhood for walking or running. And still some prefer the slightly cushioned surface of a treadmill, which takes away some of the impact of running, making it easier on the joints and even the spinal discs.
Whatever your reason, we've all turned to the treadmill from time to time. And the best way to prevent boredom and get great results from your treadmill workout is to incorporate intervals. Here's a simple workout I developed to help you torch calories with your trusty treadmill.
The plan is really simple. Be sure to warm up for about 3-5 minutes (I suggest a 3 to 3.5 mph pace and 0% incline) and to cool down the same way when it is over.
(Be sure to "pin" this for future reference, too!)

Here are a few of the great benefits from this simple interval workout.
  • Burn 100 calories* every 10 minutes. (Note that the calories burned for this workout are based on an average-weight woman of 150 pounds. People who weigh more will burn more; people who weigh less will burn fewer calories.) Each time you complete the set of intervals listed, you're torching 100 calories. If you're not up for the full 50-minute workout, start with just one or two sets of intervals. You'll burn 100 calories per set—not too shabby!
  • Intervals maximize fat burning. You'll walk and run and even push yourself to a high-intensity level with that 7 mph "sprint". This will help you burn more calories during your workout—and continue to burn them even after it's over. Learn more about why intervals rock.
  • Incline boosts. If you are not changing the incline on your treadmill when you work out, you are really missing out on one of its greatest features. That incline will push your heart rate higher and challenge you aerobically—and it's what helps you burn more calories in less time.
  • The walk-run combo works. You don't have to be a "runner" to follow this program. It's got enough variety with small bits of running and walking to work for a variety of fitness levels. Use it as a general guide; you can always increase or decrease the intensity to suit your goals and current level.

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ELRIDDICK 4/17/2021
Thanks for sharing Report
CHERYLHURT 12/16/2020
Great Report
Thanks Report
Great idea to switch up my treadmill workout. Report
Great article! Report
Great article! Report
What a calorie burner!
Thanks! Report
Thanks! Report
thank you Report
I would rather be outside walking, but during inclement weather, it is great to have on hand. Report
I am addicted to my treadmill! I use it 6-7 days a week for 45-60 mins a day! Looking forward to trying this one!! Report
Fun. Thanks. Report
I can't abide a treadmill in my house, I don't have a special room for exercise equipment. Treadmills don't fit the decor of the house. Report
I don't do the treadmill. I love to walk. Report
I need to try intervals. Report
I really enjoy Interval workouts. Must try on my next gym visit. Report
I use the the elliptical and do intervals. Great workout and less strain on my old knees. Report
To maximize my time on the treadmill, I add the INCLINE to burn more calories! Report
I basically use my treadmill when the weather is inclement. Otherwise I prefer outdoors! Even in winter. Report
I basically use my treadmill when the weather is inclement. Otherwise I prefer outdoors! Even in winter. Report
I basically use my treadmill when the weather is inclement. Otherwise I prefer outdoors! Even in winter. Report
If I can mix and match between dreadmill & other workouts this could work but the dreadmill is not my favorite piece of equipment. Report
Learning to love the treadmill...just while I wait for spring to come! Report
HIIT posted next to my treadmill. Thanks! Report
Awesome! Report
This looks ambitious for me, but I suppose I can aspire to it. Report
Treadmill has never been a strong consideration because of balance issues. Report
What about people who are only able to do 3.5 mph as tge top speed? This is great for already active people only. Report
Sounds doable. I have back issues, so hopefully this does not aggravate it with the incline. Report
I use an interval training method on the treadmill, and I love it! I begin at 5% incline and 1.8 mph and increase incline at every 6-minute interval until I hit 10%, then I increase the speed until I reach 2-2.3 mph. I burn an average of 475 calories in an hour. Yesterday I hit 513 calories! I love the treadmill because it is easy on the joints and my balance. Ramp it up, add music, and have a great workout! Report
I can barely do the 3. Maybe some day. Report
This workout is a really big, huge sweat!! Report
This is a great workout on the treadmill for me! Report
I can barely run 6.6 much less faster. I don't think this routine would be for me. Report
I love this workout! Report
This is a great workout! Report
This is a great idea. I'm not a fan of the treadmill but I did enjoy getting my heart rate up with the random mode til I hurt my knee. I do the elliptical, and hope to get back to my treadmill program soon. Report
This sounds like a great routine. I actually like the treadmill as I can work out to my music and adapt the routine to fit my goals that day. Also love walking outside and now with our dog, get out EVERY day. Report
I only wish I could do 6mph for 3 minutes! Report
I love intervals on the treadmill for calorie burn. After 1 set, try jumping off and doing strength training, like planks, pushups, squats, tricept dips, etc, for 1 minute, then hop back on for another set.

ps, I keep a copy of this workout on my treadmill! Report
I have a treadmill but rarely get on it even though I love how I feel when I make it part of my routine. I doubt I could keep up with this walk but I could do a modified version of it and that would be good for me. Report
I LOVE the Mount Rainier trail on my treadmill~Burns 325 cals/.hr and has highs and lows for incline~all walking ~{highest is 11} so it varies the workout PLUS it shows the beautiful mountain itself and all the outdoor grandeur!!! Report
sounds fun Report
Thank you for this treadmill workout. I love treadmill I used to walk 5 mins at 5mph at 1% incline and then 40min at 8.3mph at 1% incline and again cooldown 5 mins at 5mph at 0% incline. That burns only 400kcal.
So I am thinking to try this workout on the weekend and let you know!
Thanks a lot ! Report
It still only burns 423 calories, your machinery is off. Report
This early in my fitness journey 3 mph is my max speed and it leaves me panting, sweating and foaming at the mouth. Hubby and I have a gym schedule and every other visit is cardio for me so I spend the time on the treadmill doing an interval that I can safely manage and then to the bicycle once I catch my breath. One day I will be where I can go faster and I hope to actually run one day. Report
Going to have to have to try this at the gym next time! Report
This is a really excellent base for starting speed/incline intervals!! I love this and have used it as-is several times, then modified it up (faster) and also down (slower) depending on my mood. It's fairly easy to do- the idea is walk with a bit of resistance, jog with just a tad, run, then recover with an incline to keep you pushing. I'd encourage anyone who saw the printed numbers to modify it for their fitness levels!!! Report