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Get 90 Days of Personalized Training and Nutrition: Join The Oxygen Challenge 4!

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“It’s important that people learn to love themselves no matter what stage of their weight-loss journey they’re in, that it’s never too late to start, and that being healthy has no age or weight limit,” says 2017 Oxygen Challenge 3 participant Stacey A. Byrd.

We all know the importance of exercise and nutrition in the quest to live a fit and healthy lifestyle—but it's easier said than done. Knowing which exercises to do on any given day, what kind of meal plan you should follow or how to keep yourself accountable are all factors in making sure you not only start a plan, but also stick to it.

That's where The Oxygen Challenge 4 (OC4) comes in. For more than 20 years, Oxygen magazine has been at the forefront of women’s health and fitness. The Oxygen woman is strong, confident and healthy. She isn’t training just for aesthetics—she wants to increase strength, endurance, performance and mobility to improve her overall wellness. Sound familiar? We thought so.

This marks the fourth year for the Oxygen Challenge series. Beginning July 15, 2018, participants will be guided through a 90-day fitness and nutrition program instructed by movement experts and coaches Jen Widerstrom from NBC’s The Biggest Loser, and Karina Smirnoff from ABC's Dancing With the Stars. These women have a lifetime of experience with exercise, training, nutrition and competition, and are ready to share their extensive knowledge exclusively with you!

Coach Jen’s program focuses on transformation, whether you’re beginning an exercise program from scratch, want to lose fat and inches or take your training to the next level. Coach Karina’s program combines yoga, self-defense and cardio with—of course—dance, creating a unique and exciting workout unlike anything you’ve seen before. She breaks everything down into its simplest components so that anyone—dancer or not—can do the workouts and succeed. Both programs are well-rounded and progressive. Each month, you will grow and face new challenges, ultimately getting into the best shape of your life—all for less than $1 a day.

"I found a lot of healthy new options to mix in and break up the monotony while keeping my energy high," says 2016 Oxygen Challenge 2 participant Virginia Cooper from Bakersfield, California.

By signing up with coach Jen or coach Karina (or both!), you will receive instant access to three months of detailed video programming that includes step-by-step instructions to guide you through your workouts. Anyone at any fitness level can participate, and each coach offers modifications and intensifiers, enabling you to tailor the program to your own purposes.

In addition, OC4 includes a nutrition component, complete with grocery lists, preparation tips and detailed recipes crafted by your coaches which they themselves use to get healthy, strong and lean. They will take the guesswork out of meal planning, and will make getting in shape delicious and easy.

"I now eat to stay healthy and don't look at healthy eating as a diet. I am loving every moment of my life and loving the new me," says 2016 Oxygen Challenge 2 participant Michele Scheilbelhut from South Bend, Indiana.

By signing up you’ll also gain exclusive access to a private Facebook group, a community of women just like yourselves who will sweat, laugh and transform right along with you! Accountability is an integral part of success, and this group can help get you through the rough patches and give you a push when needed.

OC4 is an all-encompassing training, nutrition and motivational program that gives you the tools you need to make lasting changes to your physique and your lifestyle. Coach Jen and coach Karina will be with you every step of the way, encouraging and educating you and helping you achieve your goals.

What to Expect

  • Exclusive training tips and exercise progressions/regressions
  • Comprehensive nutritional guidelines and discussions
  • More than 30 unique recipes
  • Weekly workout charts and breakdowns
  • A grocery list of all needed ingredients
  • Video blogs based on hot topics and participant queries
  • Motivational support
  • Much, much more!

Take part in The Oxygen Challenge 4 and share your milestones with your fellow @OxygenMagazine sisters by using #OxyChallenge, #TeamJennifer and #TeamKarina when detailing your 90-day journey.

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