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2/28/18 1:45 A


DLJONES50 Posts: 3,897
2/26/18 12:20 P

That's awesome! Keep working hard and going strong!
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2/25/18 8:05 A

That's awesome!

I am trying to be more active and with all the additional weight I've added to my body the past 6 months especially...I am finding it very very hard now.

Determination will lead the way!! Good luck!!

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2/24/18 6:48 P

Yeah! One foot forward...the more you move, the more energy you'll have & the better you'll feel...that cycle seems so simple, yet I struggle with it...take this trophy & shoot for two!

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2/19/18 3:57 P

I got a fitness trophy for this month! I'm very excited about that because I haven't earned one in a long time. I feel like this is finally all coming together for me. I have a long journey in front of me, but I finally have the confidence to know I can do it.

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