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9/29/16 12:12 A


9/27/16 7:27 A

Thanks everyone! I do feel great and I'm thrilled if I can provide inspiration for anyone!

James, you are absolutely right. I now eat very little sugar and most of what I do is from something like strawberries. And boy do strawberries taste crazy sweet now!!

I've also cut out most all bread, rice, potatoes and flour. Though I'll make flax bread occasionally and will have something on a slice of seven grain bread once in a while.

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9/27/16 4:55 A

That is amazing!! You sound so full of energy and have inspired me to lose weight. Way to go!!!

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9/27/16 12:15 A


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9/26/16 12:21 P


I bet the foods that you cut to near zero are the high calorie, low nutrition stuff, like sugar filled icecream. But there is so much more to enjoy, both in food and in life.

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9/26/16 10:27 A

Congratulations! You must feel great!!!!!


9/25/16 11:14 P

I'm really pleased with myself! Down 40 pounds since I started tracking May 18th! And instead of having a lazy, celebratory day, I got in a 4.5 mile, moderately challenging hike this morning and did a bunch of more challenging hula hooping this afternoon. My first day to break 15,000 steps. The loss is slower now, since I started so overweight and out of shape, but I feel so much better. Healthier, happier, stronger, fitter and lighter. I mostly have figured out what works for me and it's feeling like a lifestyle change not a temporary "fix".

I've learned so much about my body that I was never aware of, even when "thin" through my mid 30's. That was good genetics more than anything. That's been the biggest change, not the weight! Paying attention to my body and this understanding of eating to fuel myself. It's hard to put into words, but I pay attention to my body in a way I never did before and having that understanding is absolutely amazing! More to learn, of course, but never take for granted the wonder that is the human body again! And never going to fail tho pay attention to all the things it tells me, now that I know how to listen.

And I'm still able to enjoy almost all my foods, but there are other things I enjoy even more. Now I wish there was even one picture of me at my heaviest, but I can never do a before and after. Because, for the past 7 or 8 yearsI never, ever allowed a picture of myself to be taken. That's going too change as well! I'm far from perfect, but this is who I am and I'm not going to try to hide anymore.

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