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MARGCAIN Posts: 106
8/7/15 9:14 A

Thank you very much. The doctor referred me in the first place but I keep increasing this. I am healing beautifully. xx

MINATHERED Posts: 3,956
8/6/15 9:26 P

That seems like a lot of exercise. I'd talk to your doctor about it to be sure, though, especially since you already have an injury. Just be careful that you're not replacing one kind of binge (food) with another kind of binging (exercise).

Good luck!

MARGCAIN Posts: 106
8/6/15 5:11 P

I walk at least 4 to 6 miles a day and 3 days a week at the gym for an hour at a time and then on the wii fit.

3 hours in the gym
28 hours plus walking.
I am at physio at present as I have damaged the muscles in my left ankle

IVYLASS Posts: 7,203
8/6/15 4:32 P

We need more information. How long are your gym classes? Walking is fine pretty much whenever.

I hit the gym four times a week, for a weekly total of four hours and 45 minutes with all the classes.

MARGCAIN Posts: 106
8/6/15 1:05 P

How much exercise is too much or too little. I never used to walk at all. I did like the gym classes though. Of late when I have a spare moment all I want to do is go for a walk. Is this too much? thanks

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