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JUSTDOIT011 SparkPoints: (57,788)
Fitness Minutes: (63,758)
Posts: 1,624
12/13/18 9:54 P

Way to go!!!

11/25/18 3:37 P

great job I am finally on the right track

PAMBACH Posts: 4,831
11/25/18 7:01 A

Know this feeling. Been in maintenance for a couple of years now and a few pounds crept back on. Been exercising religiously and have my eating back on track. Slow going but steady. Try measuring and other methods than the scale to track progress. The tools are on this website! emoticon

AMYISSUCCEEDING SparkPoints: (385,664)
Fitness Minutes: (150,346)
Posts: 37,097
10/20/18 9:13 P

Good Job!

10/19/18 5:55 P

nice! Keep it up!

MEERA11 Posts: 59
10/18/18 11:47 A

I have stayed on the track but past 10 days I have not lost even .1 of a pound. I have been walking for an hour most of the days. It is frustrating.

BIKE4HEALTH Posts: 17,726
6/14/18 1:42 P

Sp is the way to do it we will find. You have made a wise choice to use it.

IGSBETH SparkPoints: (284,607)
Fitness Minutes: (176,433)
Posts: 6,665
6/12/18 7:21 P

Woo hoo!

WDWCHICK Posts: 1,059
6/8/18 2:54 P

Those plateaus are the worse! Glad you go through it.

CMARABITO Posts: 212
5/17/18 9:49 A


FISHGUT3 Posts: 31,907
5/16/18 11:10 A

Woo Hoo!

ECOAXUM SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (22,017)
Posts: 7,557
4/26/18 8:02 A


RUNANDRUN SparkPoints: (53)
Fitness Minutes: (27,091)
Posts: 3,340
4/24/18 11:03 P

You’re giving me hope. I haven’t lost in a while.

ZELDA13 SparkPoints: (109,490)
Fitness Minutes: (29,581)
Posts: 5,662
4/23/18 10:31 P

Good for you! It can be so hard to get stuck. Hope this means you're back on track!

SAVERSUE59 SparkPoints: (14,192)
Fitness Minutes: (14,790)
Posts: 116
4/23/18 12:53 P

I have been stuck on my weight loss goals....It has been a few months now and finally I lost 2 lbs so I feel like I'm back on track now which really motivates me!
Thanks for reading this and your support emoticon

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