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KALISBACK Posts: 1,943
12/22/16 12:50 P

emoticon I concentrate on just 10 pounds at a time.

SHERYE Posts: 13,978
12/22/16 12:46 P

Great idea that I hope you don't mind me using too.


DMS1946 Posts: 948
12/22/16 12:41 P


JANBROS Posts: 556
12/22/16 12:37 P

What a wonderful way to look at it! Thanks for sharing!

12/22/16 12:28 P

Great idea!

CHARTHESTAR Posts: 1,948
12/22/16 12:19 P

emoticon emoticon

NHERBISON Posts: 432
12/22/16 12:00 P

emoticon Thanks for sharing!

ANYVAR54 SparkPoints: (201,189)
Fitness Minutes: (75,932)
Posts: 11,203
12/22/16 11:47 A

emoticon Thanks for sharing

ELLENGRAY54 Posts: 3,495
12/22/16 11:38 A

emoticon I had to quit focusing on what I needed to lose about 200lbs and focus on just having a loss at my weekly weigh in. emoticon

AQUAGIRL08 Posts: 27,327
12/22/16 11:33 A

What a wonderful way to change the way you look at things. Awesome!

12/22/16 11:21 A

Love the one lb at a time. Like pennies in a jar they do add up and amount to a lot at the end. Also the slower and steadier it comes off the longer it stays off, many say. I stalled after 53 lbs and am having trouble going any lower but am holding. During this time of year "holding and not gaining" is equal to a loss in my books. smile

LITTLEGIRL32 SparkPoints: (619)
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Posts: 6
12/22/16 11:12 A

Good thought 1 pound at a time.

KIMMYGA1 Posts: 307
12/22/16 11:12 A

Thank you! Just what I needed to hear today. Like one step at a time emoticon

SUNNY332 Posts: 39,477
12/22/16 11:12 A

emoticon emoticon

KHALIA2 Posts: 15,148
12/22/16 11:09 A

emoticon Just hang in there!

SHOAPIE Posts: 35,642
12/22/16 10:57 A


CHAYOR73 SparkPoints: (3,868)
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Posts: 42
12/22/16 10:51 A

What an awesome way of looking at it, I love it and will try it too!! thanks!!

Happy Holidays!! emoticon

GLADDER Posts: 8
12/22/16 10:46 A

What a great idea. I've tried doing increments--one meal at a time. For this meal I will eat so much protein, so many carbs, etc. All you can really control is this moment. Doing this reminds us that WE are in control--not our cravings.

12/22/16 10:39 A

This is a great idea - thanks for sharing!

12/22/16 10:32 A

Thank you for the great idea. I have 65 pounds to lose and I am going to use your advice!!!!THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

12/22/16 10:29 A

That is a brilliant idea! Thank you for sharing it!!

RIPQNS Posts: 1
12/22/16 10:11 A

I never looked at it like that, I like the idea. Hope you don't mind if I try it, I have been trying to lose weight for a long time and I lose some and then I gain some. I have three grandchildren and would like to be around to see them get to the teenage years, maybe even the adult years. Three cheers for you, I will let you know how it goes. Thanks again


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MARIAGI Posts: 677
12/22/16 10:10 A

Great approach! I do the same thing but in 10 lb increments. The thought of tackling the 40 lbs I needed to lose was overwhelming and discouraging. Now I take it 10 lbs at a time (down 15 lbs!). I keep track of it on the "Current Status" field on my Spark Page.

emoticon emoticon


DEB-DA Posts: 94
12/22/16 9:42 A

Rah! Rah! Rah! Sisboombah! You are on the way. I have a sister in the same situation. You'll do it.

GLORYINTHEAM SparkPoints: (1,773)
Fitness Minutes: (695)
Posts: 16
12/22/16 9:32 A

That is what works best for me. I consider any 10th of a pound down is still going down. I am about 5 years out from weight loss surgery where I lost 100 pounds. I have gained about 11 pounds. I was getting frantic at the thought of gaining back that weight. Now, a week before Christmas, I am back on track and have already dropped 3 of those pounds. If I can stay on the treadmill and away from the grazing in the evening, which I have tried to replace with that constant bottle of water, I know I can get back in control. I am proud of all the people on Spark People, and they have been a great help to me for a long time.

MISSCRIT Posts: 34
12/22/16 9:16 A

Keep up the great work!!

WEGENERCS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (105,433)
Posts: 2,086
12/22/16 9:09 A

I make a really good tortoise. So far I have lost 72 pounds spread out over several years. Most of the times have involved losses of 1/2 pounds (more or less). The weight has stayed off and my health is at its peak. This year my husband and I have walked/hiked,biked over 1500 miles and have added 22,500+ fitness minutes. Interesting to see what 2017 brings.....

Congrats on your success. Hope you can feel my hands clapping......

12/22/16 9:07 A

Whoo hoo! Keep up the good work!

CD16853824 Posts: 69
12/22/16 9:07 A


BNANCIB Posts: 931
12/22/16 9:02 A


BETRHO48 Posts: 18,609
12/22/16 8:43 A

What a great way to look at weight loss goals! I, too, have been struggling with weight management for many years. I am going to use this approach as well.

KITTYHAWK1949 Posts: 12,984
12/22/16 8:25 A

good goal as it is doable for you. my goal is one pound a week and so far so good. thanks for sharing

IDAHOHILLBILLY SparkPoints: (67,937)
Fitness Minutes: (68,140)
Posts: 1,877
12/22/16 8:19 A

I like the way you think; I'm going to use that method. Thanks.

LEEBROWN7 Posts: 18
12/22/16 8:07 A

Good idea!

JERICHO1991 SparkPoints: (497,845)
Fitness Minutes: (252,027)
Posts: 11,973
12/22/16 8:07 A

One pound at a time is the only way to lose.

12/22/16 7:51 A

I decided about 3 years ago that I would 10 lbs a year. Bought myself a pedometer then the Spark tracker and set my goal for 7500 steps a day. I did get a treadmill that helped. At the time of my goal making I had 40 lbs to lose which seemed insurmountable but 10 lbs was doable. I have lost 30 lbs now. It takes a while but through experience have found that losing a lot of weight in a short amount of time does not work and I gained it all back and more.
Good luck.

STEVIEBEE569 Posts: 11,286
12/22/16 7:46 A

Great way to think things through. You can do this! Much success to you.

BOREDA SparkPoints: (531,919)
Fitness Minutes: (335,010)
Posts: 5,664
12/22/16 6:56 A

I lost 60lbs (well, 65lbs actually) back in 2012. It took me 7 months. Once I got into the swing of things it wasn't really that difficult, and although the 7 months seemed an eternity at the time, when I look back on it now it seems only a blink and the "diet" seemed to be remarkably quick. It's made such a difference, and my only regret now is that I didn't do it years before. Go for it!

LJK091354 Posts: 34,092
12/22/16 6:36 A

What a unique way to look at it! That's what I should do also! Thanks for posting that!

SOOZIEQ1967 SparkPoints: (3)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 1
12/22/16 6:36 A

I'm so glad I saw your post this morning. My goal is to lose 60 lbs, too, and I'm currently struggling to commit. I've tried to lose weight several times and I get to the15 lb loss and then give up. I'm a follower of Christ also, and I know that I can do anything in Him! Thanks for the encouraging post, and yes, you are undefeated!

KEYTEE Posts: 20
12/22/16 6:08 A

Congratulations! There you go!

Every little victory is a victory. emoticon

JANROLG Posts: 3,283
12/22/16 5:28 A

So very true. I need to tell myself that.

DOWNES2 Posts: 184
12/22/16 5:12 A

Go you... years ago on some training course or other the question was asked "how do you eat an elephant?" Answer: One piece at a time. Can't remember the course but this snippet stuck. emoticon

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ENGLISHNAN Posts: 21,103
12/22/16 4:56 A

Great message to us all, I am a plodder not a racer . Every pound lost is a reason to be thankful keep going .

SWEETMAGNOLIA2 SparkPoints: (257,237)
Fitness Minutes: (142,141)
Posts: 19,381
12/22/16 4:48 A

Enjoyed reading your comment. We can reach our big goals if we break them down into smaller steps. WTG!

12/12/16 7:44 P


MSMAKEOVER SparkPoints: (231,080)
Fitness Minutes: (159,217)
Posts: 29,290
12/12/16 6:43 P


MSMAKEOVER SparkPoints: (231,080)
Fitness Minutes: (159,217)
Posts: 29,290
12/12/16 6:43 P


SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 67,132
12/7/16 6:16 P

Woo hoo for you!

Coach Jen

UNDEFEATED1 SparkPoints: (979)
Fitness Minutes: (165)
Posts: 13
12/3/16 7:19 A

I've been struggling FOREVER to finally commit to the hard work of losing weight. Because I have a lot to lose (60 pounds total, now 50), I've become overwhelmed and easily discouraged each time. Finally, I realized that 60 pounds seems insurmountable, but losing one pound 60 times is much easier...sounds strange, but it works for me! Today, and every day, I am only focused on losing that next ONE pound. I'm so grateful to Spark People for all the support and resources that are available!

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