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JIM212 SparkPoints: (40,085)
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10/7/17 10:18 A

Congrats on your quarter pole! The longer you persist the easier it gets. I dropped 50 pounds in 6 months and the final six weeks I actually increased my calories by 20% per day and lost at a more rapid rate than the first few months. So keep up the good work and if you stick with it the half-pole and 3/4-pole will be even more rewarding.

GERRTIE SparkPoints: (80,262)
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9/26/17 9:00 P

That's awesome! Congrats!

NIGHTGLOW Posts: 4,202
9/17/17 2:09 P

That's fantastic! We're all so proud of you!

What other changes are you noticing?

VHAYES04 Posts: 6,462
8/14/17 8:00 P

Congrats! You're doing great!

ANAH_ACE Posts: 1,347
8/14/17 10:21 A

Wow! You have accomplished so much! I'm so happy for you. emoticon

PATNELSON007 SparkPoints: (22,464)
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8/13/17 8:56 P

23.5 pounds down since the first of July. Just 15 more pounds of "obesity" fat to get rid of and then I'll "only" be overweight!

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