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4/11/18 1:38 P

We own our health - good for you for continuing to push beyond the "nervous" comments - wishing you good health!

I-AM-TITANIUM Posts: 5,816
4/4/18 10:27 P

I kept telling my doctor something was wrong and they chided me for a few years..until I asked for a new doctor..

It was discovered (when I was 59) that I was born with a hole in my heart dangerously close to the aorta! They told me it was a big risk for the surgery, yet I made it through fine ..

... and here we both are.. still working on weight and health..

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KMILLER31 Posts: 4,825
4/1/18 10:35 P

You know your body better than anyone

NEED2MOVE2 Posts: 1,667
3/29/18 2:10 P


CHERIE682 Posts: 891
3/18/18 3:42 P

Yes I know how that sounds, what could be worse than death right? Well let me back up a little bit.
A few years ago I was diagnosed with high blood pressure I was put on a medication for it and it was under control and then my doctor and I decided to try a different medication that was supposed to help with my blood pressure and my migraines! Sounds great right?
I was on that medication a couple of years, every time I would go and see any of my doctors my bp was high and the comment always got thrown around "well, people get nervous at the doctor (and I knew I didn't but I let it ride) and it would be ignored.
Back in December of this year I got sick, at first I was thinking cold, or flu but it kept dragging on and on. Went to a few doctors and each time I had very high BP readings and again "you must be nervous"! Finally I went back to my primary doctor about this cough, that actually still isn't completely gone, and my BP was 197/99! Before she could say anything I said THIS is a problem! We decided to go to a new medication and finally got my BP under control! I was knocking on the door of "strokeville" or "heart attack land". That takes me back to the worse..I have known a few people who have had major strokes and didn't have the opportunity to change things and now are immobilized or have depleted brain activity.
I know I am not out of the woods yet, I still have to work at the weight loss and I am having a stress test to see how my heart is doing this week but I am looking at the glass half full. I found this issues without having a complete health break down.

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