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6/27/15 5:47 P

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6/24/15 12:51 P


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6/8/15 9:11 P

Look at you! You are making it a lifestyle and SUCCEEDING!
Great job!
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6/8/15 9:07 P

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6/6/15 10:16 P

That's a great accomplishment!

6/6/15 8:28 P


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6/5/15 12:54 P

Great Job!!

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6/5/15 6:30 A

This is essential, especially these days when people eat so many of their meals outside of the home. Get in the habit of this, and you'll be unstoppable.

6/5/15 5:30 A

Yesterday's milestone was a successful trip to a restaurant. Usually I make impulse choices and overeat when I'm eating out. Yesterday, I went online and looked at the restaurant's menu and decided what would be a good choice. Once I was at the restaurant, I did not eat the little fried noodle appetizers while waiting for my entree. As usual, the portion was large so I ate half--and brought the rest home. I had them hold the rice so I wouldn't be tempted. That was the most victorious I have ever felt - I actually stuck with my program at a restaurant.

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