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CHERIJ16 Posts: 2,946
3/25/18 11:22 A

After limiting my diet soda to less than 1 can per day I find I prefer my 8 gasses of water to the soda! emoticon

1/7/18 11:05 P

This Journey succeeds by making One Decision At A Time...and keep repeating it.
If you make the occasional 'not so good" decision, don't stress...just look for the next opportunity to take Better Care of yourself! Seek the opportunities and keep coming back to basics. Way To Go!!

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1/6/18 1:23 P

Having 1 can, and STOPPING at 1 can when you used to drink so much more, is a huge step forward! Congratulations!

ANNMHAN Posts: 423
1/6/18 10:40 A

Yes it is usually the other way around. I am learning to do this one meal/snack at a time. One fitness activity at a time. Yesterday I fell off the diet soda wagon. I had one can. When I was a heavy soda drinker it would be 3-4 cans a day. I see that as progress!

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