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6/25/16 9:30 P


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5/11/16 9:21 A

Great job

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5/7/16 10:59 A

Way to go! That is an awesome improvement. Keep up the great work.

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5/7/16 10:43 A

Wow - that is a compliment. And you're right: she may have just said, "You look 25 yrs younger!"
Congrats to you, and thanks for your post.
I will be more vigilant about my own posture today!!

5/6/16 6:16 P

My daughter told me today, "Your posture has continued to change for the better! You don't stand the way you used to and it makes you look completely different."

I hadn't been thinking about how I was standing, until she said that. Then I noticed that I was using fantastic posture. At the beginning of the year I could not stand up straight. I was hunched to the front left, limping badly, and looking like I was 25 years older.

My goal here at Spark is strength, not skinniness. I've never had good posture in my life, so if I've got it now when I'm not even thinking about it, I know I'm really making progress on building the strength in my body.

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