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5/31/18 7:21 P


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5/29/18 8:16 A

Yah! That's an awesome feeling. That reminds me - I've got some jeans tucked away since gaining weight a few years ago. Now that I'm heading in the right direction again, I'm going to dig them out as a non-weight marker of where I am. I'm not the most stylish so sometimes find it hard to notice when things have gotten too big - but there's no trouble to tell when something that was too small suddenly fits!

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5/27/18 10:21 P

Way to inspire! We need to stop depending only on the scale.

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5/27/18 4:12 P

I have this pair of jeans that used to be too small. I had never worn them before. I found them in this free box. But I thought they might fit, so I brought them home. I was very disappointed when they didn't. They stayed too small all through last summer, fall and into the winter. And then one day I tried them on again, and they did sort of fit! They were too tight, but I wore them anyway. I wore them anyway, for an entire week! I did that so that I wouldn't eat too much. I knew that if I didn't eat too much the pants would fit me great. And after that week, they fit fine. And I've been wearing them since. But the last time I put them on, they were very loose! It's really too loose to wear, because with how baggy they look, they make me look bigger than I actually am. I also don't want them to fall down, and I don't want to be seen adjusting them all the time, pulling them back up to the right place above my hips. So this is a good thing! Because I can give them away to a thrift store now, and hopefully someone else can get some use out of these jeans.

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