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AJSNANA Posts: 65
3/9/16 7:20 A

Thanks crafty loser. I appreciate that tip!
I have an app downloaded but it's for walking, not bike riding. I will check into that. Thanks again!

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3/8/16 9:49 P


3/8/16 8:00 P


If you wanna find out how long your route was you could use the Fitness map and run tracker that's built into spark people.

It's a pretty neat tool to use if you don't have something that will keep track for you.

There are also free apps you can download if you have a smart phone. I like to use RunKeeper. It requires an active GPS so it may use data (I'm not sure...I have unlimited everything so I don't have to worry about this). I like this app too because it's connected right to spark people. So as soon as I finish and save a walk it uploads the info into spark peoples fitness tracker for me.

THEMISSBETH SparkPoints: (20,709)
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3/6/16 6:16 A

Celebrate the small achievements they add up before you know it! emoticon

CARISSA81 Posts: 1,456
3/5/16 11:49 P

That's awesome, congrats!

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3/5/16 3:53 P


AJSNANA Posts: 65
3/5/16 3:49 P

I went to the doctor today and I found out that I have lost 5lbs. I'm so proud.
I'm still overweight but I have lost some! I bought a bike and yesterday I rode it for the first time. I was tired when I finished but I did some exercise. I don't know how far I rode because I don't have a way to measure my distance but I rode for about 30-40 minutes.
I'm proud of me! Yay! emoticon

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