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THECOZE Posts: 1,432
1/26/18 4:05 P

Way to go... potlucks can be the worst because we don't understand how much we are taking and how much we are consuming... WAY TO GO!!!

KASANNMIL SparkPoints: (149,791)
Fitness Minutes: (64,399)
Posts: 523
1/24/18 6:31 P


AKIMBRE1 SparkPoints: (24,709)
Fitness Minutes: (39,059)
Posts: 365
1/23/18 6:53 P

Sounds so tempting...great job for doing well!

GERRYH2 Posts: 5,101
1/18/18 9:16 A

Pot lucks and all you can eat buffets can be torture. Way to go by taking small portions and being careful with what you ate.

KALEYBIGGS2017 SparkPoints: (2,688)
Fitness Minutes: (1,632)
Posts: 28
1/5/18 12:25 P

Great job for taking small portions and staying within your calorie range at a potluck. I had a similar experience where 5 days ago, I attended a New Year's Day party that had a lot of food but I took only sample sized portions and I stayed within my calorie range.

JAVNMICH1969 SparkPoints: (189,047)
Fitness Minutes: (50,546)
Posts: 1,972
12/10/17 12:52 A

This is a true miracle because there was a lot of good food but I took small portions and stayed within my calorie range!

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