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JDEE123 Posts: 17
9/28/15 7:29 A

You look great! :)

CD1265716 Posts: 9,108
9/27/15 1:07 A

A pic of me in my cheongsam as promised!

CD1265716 Posts: 9,108
9/26/15 12:20 P

2 weeks ago, I started watching my portions more carefully and tried my best to eat clean to fit into my cheongsam (chinese traditional dress that is very figure hugging).

Well, today was the day. I wore it to my church's mooncake festival party. Not only did it fit, I even had abt an inch wiggle room! This is my first success! I will continue trying till I get to my goal weight of 50kgs!

I will post a pic tmrw. Right now my bed is calling me! Got to go to church tmrw to see how well our evangelising efforts went tonight!

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