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What a great accomplishment!! Good job!

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I started my journey to healthiness and weight loss (again) this past Saturday. Today a good friend of mine retired and my office hosted a party for her. I was worried all morning about temptation. Before the party started I ate my healthy taco salad, drank some water, and prayed to God to help me over this hump. When others noticed I wasn't eating, that became the topic of conversation. I politely hit em with the " Oh, I'm trying to do better so I ate before I came." I got a few turned up noses....but so what!

At the end of the party I was able to walk away feeling for the first time EVER that I had control over what I eat! I walked out of the party still having ate only what I should. Later I went to the gym, ran, and lifted weights. I'm typing this so freaking proud of my small, but huge VICTORY!

Thanks for reading Spark fam! Y'all inspire me!

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