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5/31/18 10:04 P

That is an important step forward! emoticon

MILTONS_MAMA Posts: 4,082
5/27/18 4:20 P

Good for you! Buying things can definitely be addicting. There are a lot of ways to help you to not buy too much. One way is to learn about budgeting. Another way is to always shop with a list. And you could also use the "2-week" rule--when you see something you would like, make a note of it, and see how you feel about it in 2 weeks. Most people will have lost interest by then, and not want to buy that thing. Or they might see that it's an expensive thing, and that they need to start saving money for it if they really want it still. Good luck on not shopping!

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5/12/18 3:46 P

Small steps indeed.

5/11/18 5:04 P

LOL Towanda indeed. Good on you. Small steps now and giant leaps in the near future.

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5/7/18 7:27 P

That's awesome, INACAR! GOOD for you!

INACAR Posts: 4,557
5/7/18 3:43 P

Just a little break through today, usually if I am working on losing weight, I change over to buying things, things I could live without but just fills the whole in my heart. Today I actually walked away from something that caught my eye but wasn't what I was looking for. I see the pattern repeating and need to stop myself. Small step but it felt powerful walking away.

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