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8/30/18 9:27 A

Way to go. Those little decisions add up!

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8/22/18 11:54 A

Awesome job! Its always those little victories that help stay motivated!

8/20/18 6:54 P

You've got it: One decision At A Time!! ENJOY!!

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8/17/18 12:12 P

A few non scale victories of this week so far has been:

1.) I passed up donuts at my chiropractors office. yay!
2.) I managed to eat just one serving of a sweet treat! (dark chocolate covered strawberries) yesterday.
3.) I passed on buying diet coke for myself. I could have but I know me. I could not drink just 1-2 per week. More like 1 per day. I bought sparkling water instead. :-)
4.) I have managed to successfully order and stick to healthy take out just once this week and NOT over do it!
5.) I've cut my food consumption after 8pm and go straight to brush my teeth! :-)

And my one scale victory because of all my efforts these past 2 weeks: a 5 pound loss!

I look forward to the next few weeks! :-) I am more motivated now than ever before.

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