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4/11/18 1:20 P

Hurray for you and your weight loss and keeping it off! Sparks works that is for sure - but we have to work it!

ECOAXUM SparkPoints: (128,827)
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Posts: 7,557
4/9/18 7:31 P

Congratulations on keeping your weight off. Sparkpeople does work.

KMILLER31 Posts: 4,825
4/1/18 10:41 P

This is a great place for encouragement and support, as well as useful information

1965KAREN Posts: 3,510
3/24/18 10:31 P

First congratulations!! I agree I have a lot to lose and I feel I am in the right place! I love the support and knowledge I get here at Spark emoticon People!!

OLDSKOOL556 Posts: 12,349
3/24/18 10:54 A

emoticon emoticon

SCOOTERTVRPV SparkPoints: (369,700)
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2/27/18 5:33 P

Congratulations--maintenance is the key after you do all the hard work to lose it.
You ROCK!!!

MLAN613 Posts: 22,743
2/16/18 6:13 A

65 pounds gone? Wow! Way to go! You look great and healthy.

KFQUILTER Posts: 1,963
2/15/18 8:50 A

Just completed biggest loser challenge and lost 11.4 lbs over 10 weeks. Previously I was stuck and gaining instead of losing. Now I look forward to the next challenge.

BELBINA123 Posts: 374
2/15/18 3:15 A

Well done :)

N260SNFIT SparkPoints: (28,305)
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2/12/18 7:16 P

Cool! emoticon emoticon emoticon

BMGH85 Posts: 437
2/12/18 5:00 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

ECCOVISION1 SparkPoints: (39,188)
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2/12/18 12:06 A

What a great accomplishment!!

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LOVINGLIFE0376 Posts: 74
2/2/18 1:17 A

Congrats! That is a big deal! You look great!

ADRIENALINE Posts: 23,850
2/1/18 7:42 P

When I started on Spark People i weighed 65 lbs more than I do now. I needed a place to track my food so I downloaded their app and the rest is history. I lost my 65 lbs and this March it will be 6 years that I have maintained my healthy weight. I still use their trackers and love their articles and teams of helpful, supportive people. This place is the best!

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