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4/26/18 8:09 A


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4/21/18 10:01 A

I have made it below 200. Big accomplishment for me.

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3/9/18 9:19 A


3/9/18 8:00 A

Yay for progress and good news....and it is good news right?!! Don't lose site of that. Just work really hard on making sure you never see that number again....and you won't. When it gets a little tough and you're tempted to relax your ways...remember how you never want to see that number again and how easy it would be for that to happen.

You have made progress and you should be happy. Yay for progress!!

ONETHM Posts: 1,143
3/8/18 11:40 A

I weighed myself yesterday and found out I am starting to lose weight. It is happening really slow, but it is happening. The bad news is this was after gaining weight last month, so I am right back to where I started at when I started with Sparks and THM. Well I guess focus on that the scale is now showing a change in a positive direction.


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