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SCOOTERTVRPV SparkPoints: (364,689)
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2/27/18 5:36 P

I hate to hit a plateau! Finally the dietician told me to reset my calorie range a bit lower than before and it worked. Added weights 3 times a week, too. emoticon emoticon

2/27/18 8:43 A

I get frustrated to but if I was being honest with myself, I know that I don't always make the best choices. The key to being successful for me anyways, is to keep adding improvements. You can't run out of improvements. Did I push myself harder during exercise? Did I exercise longer than before? Can I make better choices when it comes to what I am eating or drinking? Can I be more active through out the day instead of sitting so long. Can I sit up straighter? Can I go in the store without buying even 1 snack? Can I eat a smaller portion of all my meals? Can I not drink alcohol today, tomorrow, this week, this month? Can I reduce my sodium? Can I skip the butter? Can I give up sugar and milk in coffee? Can I not eat anything that has artificial colors today..and again tomorrow?

There is always something different we can do to make a small improvement and please know that even if it isn't showing up on the scale our bodies are well aware of any positive improvements being made on the inside...and sooner or later after enough positive changes, the body changes can be seen on the outside.

KEONEE Posts: 37
2/21/18 8:53 P

I have only lost 4 pounds in 35 days but I am not discouraged. I have started to exercise and have added a Zumba class and Aqufit to my weekly activity. I am feeling totally inspired because of SparkPeople. and I feel confident the weight will eventually come off.

THECOZE Posts: 1,431
1/26/18 4:27 P

I'm sorry that you are feeling frustrated. I know exactly how you feel. Remember, though, our bodies need things changed up on it every now and then. Change foods that you are eating - still healthy but different. Change the workout routine that you are doing - maybe challenge yourself a bit more... You will get over this plateau, I know... I've been there...

LADYREDCOMET SparkPoints: (146,744)
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1/15/18 11:06 A

You know what happens when you stop "all of this hard work." That being the case, what is your incentive to stop? Doesn't it make more sense to keep going, even if that just means not packing on more pounds?

Without knowing the details of what it means to you when you say you eat well and work out, it's impossible to give any advice.

1/13/18 8:19 A

I am becoming increasingly frustrated because I eat well, measure, track and workout with barely a budge on the scale. The minute I stopped all of this hard work keeping track of my calories I immediately pack on the pounds. It seems I can't win no matter what I do. Any advise? emoticon

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