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IVYLASS Posts: 7,202
8/7/15 1:25 P

Good job! You may want to check out thrift stores and consignment shops for "in between" clothes while you continue on your journey.

WDWCHICK Posts: 1,059
8/3/15 2:27 P

That is awesome! Way to go.

7/31/15 8:35 P


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7/31/15 8:43 A

Yesterday I was working in my garden with my girlfriend that I garden with and it was the second day that I had two different pairs of Capris were falling off my bottom half! I think it is time to go thru the closet and get a bag together for Goodwill! As of this week I lost 45 lbs. Some day when I run out of clothes, I will have to go out and get some new ones.....I want to work to get all my different sizes out the door the same way they came in 😊

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