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3/27/15 9:39 A

That's great! Keep it up!

3/27/15 9:10 A

That is so awesome and I have to get the Wii Zumba :)

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3/26/15 4:45 P

emoticon That's emoticon

3/26/15 11:37 A


I am so happy today! As some of you may know, I have a Wii U game console. I just love the Wii. I lost most of my weight using the Wii fit U. Well, I purchased the Wii Zumba Core a couple weeks ago. It is an awesome way to burn those calories. They have a section called "Learn the Dance". There are two settings Slow and Normal. Well, I kept doing the same one about a hundred times because I just couldn't get it on the normal. Well, evidently the Wii lady said "Why not try another one, you've got this one covered"... or something like that. So I moved on to another step. But for me that was an accomplishment! LOL I have a total knee that doesn't work so well and sometimes I cannot do what is required as far as dancing goes and some of the Wii Fit exercises go. I just improvise and keep moving! I workout with the Wii Everyday either doing some of the balance games or the yoga/strength training moves.

Which brings me to the "elated" part. I started maintenance a couple weeks ago. For some reason, (I'm still working on the balance of nutrition and exercise) I was gaining...a couple tenths here and .5 there. That was a bit scary. My weight went up to 136.8. My goal is 135. I sure don't want to get back where I started! Even though it is okay to be 136.8, I felt that I needed to do something different, change things up! So, I put in a Leslie Sansone DVD Walk it off in 30 days. I did the strength training one on Tuesday. Then I got out the Wii Zumba and did that one too...Back to back. I was amazed that I actually finished them both and lived to tell the story! :D

Today I weighed, just to check my progress between nutrition and exercise and I'm down to 136. WooHoo!! I'm doing the happy dance. It's amazing how just doing a bit of tweaking can help with this journey. I am still tweaking my nutrition and working on getting in even more veggies. Perhaps next time I weigh I'll be down even more!

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