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BLPRETTYGIRL1 Posts: 13,129
8/6/15 8:44 P

Tracking keeps us honest. It is the way to be consistent but we all are human and can let it slide sometimes. Most important is to start over again the next day and get a board the journey to better health.

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8/6/15 7:20 P

You have to be honest with yourself, don't put in false information about what you weigh, how tall you are, or how much you eat. You would be only lying to yourself and never be successful. I lost 25 lbs in 3 and a half months with walking and tracking what I ate. I was very strict with myself but i tried to be as onormal as possible. I continued drinking my glass of wine at night but didn't do the rest of the snacking. I love the way I look and feel and now I just have to maintain my weight. I will continue tracking to do that with my fitbit. It has really helped me and now I have friends that compete with me while walking. It's fun and easy.

DEASTEPHENS2 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/6/15 6:43 P

I also have a problem tracking my food, too. One of my problem is finding homemade food listing


GNEFAS2PHAT SparkPoints: (277)
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8/6/15 4:23 P

I like tracking my meals this way, it's kind of fun! (course I've only been doing it for 4 days) I think if I try to get right on it first thing in the morning hopefully I'll make a habit of it.

JAZZII4 Posts: 9,140
8/6/15 3:24 P


KGSTUTZ Posts: 3
8/6/15 3:16 P

Tracking is the best way to monitor calories and I do it everyday and it has been very effective is helping me to lose weight. It's a pain sometimes as certain foods take time to locate but it's much easier than it was even 3 years ago to locate this info. Thanks for sharing!

SEAJESS Posts: 3,877
8/6/15 3:02 P

emoticon Tracking is the best... especially when I stray off my plan. (I think it happens to all of us, but it does happen to me in any case.) Tracking makes me realize that my deviations are really not huge and insurmountable, that I can plan and recover from them. Tracking saves me from the black-and-white, all-or-nothing, what's-the-use thinking that can sabotage many a good intention.

FUNGI777 Posts: 227
8/6/15 2:50 P

if you can remember to add the foods you are tracking to your "favorites", it makes the computer work easier. also check the recently tracked foods, it makes it all go faster.
once you start doing it consistently, it becomes easier. even if its a meal you are not happy about try to track it. its hard if you eat out a lot but you can usually find a similar chinese take out. sometimes seeing your over eating in print will help you stay in control the next time you have that food, or you learn to enjoy the taste and take half of it home for another meal.

RNVICKI Posts: 89
8/6/15 2:23 P


PATRICIAANN46 Posts: 31,757
8/6/15 2:23 P

I really believe that tracking is the best way I have found to stay honest with my calorie intake and my nutrition. I, too, plan ahead and if I know we are going out to eat, I check the menu for the restaurant online, and plan my meal accordingly. If I am going to splurge with a dessert or whatever, I cut calories in other areas to make up for it.

ROXYHON Posts: 696
8/6/15 2:15 P

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Excellent job!! Planning ahead to accommodate special treats or events is so smart! It just goes to show all of us that a person doesn't have to deny themselves things forever, and that moderation and planning are very important keys to success.
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I wish you continued success in your healthy journey!!

INCH_BY_INCH SparkPoints: (425,800)
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Posts: 11,127
8/6/15 2:12 P

I start out with good intentions, then it gets derailed. Definitely need to get back at it.

OLIVINE Posts: 2,997
8/6/15 2:02 P

I am no good at tracking my food

FUNGI777 Posts: 227
8/6/15 1:55 P

i heard on the john tesh radio program, that to lose some weight, figure your calorie load ahead of time, make a schedule and pretty much eat the same thing every day for a week. im trying it this week, its not easy with all of life's temptations. ill let you know if it worked.

8/6/15 1:22 P

I've tried that trick, too, and it has always helped me. I ought to do it more often!

GARRIE1 Posts: 636
8/6/15 12:09 P

CURLYTOP_MOM, I think many of us can sympathize with your predicament. But I've noticed that when I take even one small step toward helping myself, my mood, my self-esteem, and my whole psyche becomes energized. I mean, we THINK we like ourselves. Right? But when it comes to really helping ourselves, do we really do what's best? Not always. It's so easy to settle for complacency and boredom.

I think that's why I relate to the name "Spark People" just takes one tiny spark to start our personal fires. That sounds so kitschy, but, it's really true. I think most people starting on a lifestyle change can point to one defining moment when they just picked up their bootstraps and went to work.

Just one tiny little thing...just 10 minutes of your busy day. Love yourself enough to do it.


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8/6/15 11:58 A

I am so inconsistent. It's like I just don't stick with tracking. Forget about exercising! I really need to make myself a priority and get a routine going and stick with it. I come home from work so tired that I don't want to do anything, but I really need to do something.

8/6/15 11:55 A

Read your message.Things have been so crazy for me that it is so easy to have an excuse for not tracking, not exercising, etc... Your simple post and the fact that my daughter now wants to join sparkle people so we can motivate each other helped get me back on track.

ISLAYY Posts: 216
8/6/15 11:36 A

Congratulations and thanks for sharing.
I seem to have a problems tracking on weekends.
I am having a bbq and am going to follow your lead and enter my dinner then work the rest of the day around my menu.
Thanks & Regards
Islayy emoticon

GARRIE1 Posts: 636
8/6/15 11:30 A

I love the SparkPeople nutrition tracker. I do the same as others here...I use it as a planner. SO convenient! This way, I know - BEFORE I begin preparation - exactly what nutrients we need and the amounts that we SHOULD be eating, as opposed to the amounts that we would sometimes LIKE to eat. Since I started doing this, I've noticed a residual grocery bill has started shrinking. Well-planned meals are a good way to cut back on trips to the grocery store, and wasted $$. And, as others said, if I'm honest with myself, I can prepare smart, nutritious meals. I've also noticed that I'm less inclined to sneak in little (high calorie/fat) snacks, because I've already created my meal plan for the day, and I don't want to have to go back and change it. Sounds lazy, but, hey! It works! It's a great Jedi mind trick. emoticon

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RUNNER11G SparkPoints: (44,153)
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Posts: 58
8/6/15 11:19 A

Your right it can be done! Congratulations on your good choices.

1DAY-ATA-TIME Posts: 36,196
8/6/15 11:15 A

emoticon That's the way you do it!!!!!!!!

ROCKVILLEJESS SparkPoints: (477)
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8/6/15 11:14 A

I am new to Spark People. I just started a couple weeks ago. Yesterday I had my first fall off the wagon day where I overindulged at night with some extra snacks. I did NOT enter them into my food log yesterday. I woke up feeling sluggish and grumbly, and I am fairly certain that part of this was the extra sugar and carbs from the unnecessary snacking, combined with not sleeping well (again, because of the late night snacking). It put me off track this morning as well--I didn't eat a horrible breakfast, but it wasn't as healthy as it should have been.

Seeing your post first thing this morning when I got to work was a great reminder to me that I need to track these moments, even when I know I over-indulged and went over my calories yesterday! So, after a few moments of reflection, I logged the extra food last night. I definitely went over my calories for the day yesterday! But I was honest about it, and seeing it on the computer screen helped me feel okay with it--it happened and I acknowledged it. Now I can move on and make better choices for today.

It also helped me to track my not-stellar breakfast this morning. Already I am planning ahead for the rest of the day to make sure I reach my vegetables and fruits goal for the day and stay within my caloric goals. I'm also planning an extra 20-25 minutes for my nightly walk to burn a few extra calories!

Thanks for the quick reminder that tracking is a very important part of weight loss success! It doesn't mean we have to be perfect, but for the days when we might slip up, tracking holds us accountable and helps to put us back into our better habits the next day or the next meal!

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CD2775527 Posts: 6,952
8/6/15 10:54 A

Thanks for sharing about the "200 fewer calories" tip, NANHBH! I want to get where you are now.

VAINVT Posts: 14,003
8/6/15 10:52 A

Been tracking for over five years. Not because I like it, because I need it.

JERICHO1991 SparkPoints: (473,698)
Fitness Minutes: (244,467)
Posts: 11,456
8/6/15 10:30 A

Tracking sure helps me stay focused on calorie consumption.

8/6/15 10:20 A

I sometimes have trouble making "Spark" time but when I do, I find that I consume less. My daily routine consists of Log in points, trivia, food journal and if I have time I will browse other member's blogs and comment on them. If I log my food before I eat, I tend to make better choices.

CD15665851 Posts: 124
8/6/15 9:57 A

i don't know yet, i'm still trying to figure out.
Thank you for sharing.

CD2775527 Posts: 6,952
8/6/15 9:28 A

emoticon One has a hard time arguing and denying what is been accurately tracked. It's all there in black & white! I'm faithfully tracking my food everyday now. Yes, it's a challenge at times....but so is being overweight.

NANHBH Posts: 27,371
8/6/15 9:25 A

I log my nutrition daily and use my Spark Tracker to simplify logging exercise. I'm nearly at my goal weight, so my goal is to eat 200 fewer calories than I burn each day. I've been doing a daily accountability blog since April, and it has really helped me get and keep the weight off.

1FLATLANDER Posts: 1,513
8/6/15 9:10 A

Tracking is accountability - be honest in tracking snacking.

TUBLADY SparkPoints: (370,609)
Fitness Minutes: (339,308)
Posts: 6,149
8/6/15 9:09 A

Before Spark, I kept a journal. Recommended by my dietitian.
I was blown away by how much I ate, not realizing the calories I was consuming.
I plan daily or a few days in advance.
I will then to be able to incorporate all foods in to my meal plans.
So with a little forethought I can indulge
If I know there is a dinner, special outing, I adjust .
It's more a weekly overall track.
One day, over calorie won't do you in, but 3, 4 days will show up.
By starting out my day, tracking, planning, I feel in control.
I am a food addict.
Might have my addiction in check, but a relapse can happen.
I want to know where I stand at all times.
Never want to be morbidly obese ever again.
Half hour on Spark is worth the time spent.
Spark on.

SNUZSUZ Posts: 18,833
8/6/15 9:09 A


8/6/15 8:44 A

Tracking my food has been quite an eye opener! It has made me much more aware of my portion sizes and also seeing how my nutrition needs attention. Not much good stuff in pre-packaged, processed foods! I'm approaching it with less of a "control" perspective & more of a learning perspective so I allow myself to eat treats & fit them into a healthy eating plan. So easy to do, too!

TORTOISE110 Posts: 9,239
8/6/15 8:42 A

"Tracking is truth." Love that. Honesty is the heart of our Spark work, in my opinion.

LAURENSX SparkPoints: (28,604)
Fitness Minutes: (38,503)
Posts: 213
8/6/15 8:39 A

Tracking is truth. This is something I'm learning. Tracking helps me stay honest with myself and the reality of this journey. Thanks for sharing the tip about plotting your "indulgences" before beginning your day. It helped you to realistically handle your food.

8/6/15 8:28 A

Me too! Especially as the days goes on....I am trying to incorporate more protein in my meals. Sometimes that helps me battle hunger :-)

ACHANSO Posts: 1,076
8/6/15 8:03 A

Tracking my food on spark people keeps me accountable. It gives me an approximation for how many calories I've eaten, so that stress eating doesn't (usually) get the best of me.

UPTOIT59 Posts: 1,793
8/6/15 7:31 A

Exercise for me is the easy part- I just do it- everyday. But portion control is my issue. I am always hungry!

GARDENCHRIS Posts: 26,830
8/6/15 7:08 A

tracking is time consuming, I don't usually find the time for all my food everyday. need to work on that.

BROOKLYN_BORN Posts: 7,608
8/6/15 6:55 A

That's exactly how I use the food tracker - as a food PLANNER every morning.
Other ways of staying consistent?
Log into Spark every morning for my daily dose of motivation.

Also, now in year 6 of maintenance, hop on the scale every morning. I do not want to be one of those regain stories. If my weight starts on an upward trend, I watch to catch it early, not wait for double digits.

ELLEKTRA Posts: 2,911
8/6/15 6:07 A

Well done!!

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TRYINGSOMETHING SparkPoints: (21,647)
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7/18/15 12:50 P

That is a really good idea, you did awesome!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

CARRIENIGN SparkPoints: (105,537)
Fitness Minutes: (94,322)
Posts: 499
7/15/15 5:39 A

Holidays are always the hardest. When you can handle those, then you know you can handle anything.

QUEENMARIE2 SparkPoints: (47,605)
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Posts: 1,138
7/7/15 2:42 P


7/7/15 8:50 A


MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,709
7/7/15 6:56 A

Well done!

SWIMANDWALK SparkPoints: (27,877)
Fitness Minutes: (3,363)
Posts: 3,435
7/5/15 8:45 P

Good job! emoticon emoticon

MUMWIVBIGBUM SparkPoints: (20,035)
Fitness Minutes: (6,116)
Posts: 414
7/5/15 1:14 P

feels good when you have a day like that, well done I know how big the 4th of July is in america, hope you all had a fantastic day , and a BIG well done to you!!

MSJESSPDX SparkPoints: (5,765)
Fitness Minutes: (595)
Posts: 158
7/5/15 10:28 A

I'm consistently terrible at consistent food tracking! I'm learning, though, and managed a big hurdle this weekend. I planned for some Fourth of July indulgences, putting them in my tracker first thing in the morning, and basically planning my day around it. The result? Finishing in my calories range, decent-if-not-perfect nutrition, and a reinforcement of the belief that I can do this!

WE can do this!!!

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