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RONDAJO56 Posts: 6,236
4/27/18 7:22 P

Lost 63lbs!

GOOD AFTERNOON! running late! But I am here!!

I woke up tired this morning. But had a dirt delivery coming, needed to sign papers, bought trees for my backyard, went to the bank. OOPS! Poor dogs no walks for them today! But I did my workout! I have one plank left to do today!

I tried another workout: Senior Fitness by Tona: It is prefect if U R 2 TIRED 2 WORKOUT!
I was only going to do 10min and ended up doing the whole 43 min.

Spark Coach assignment today is to find a mantra or write my own: Well I found one: "A body at rest wants to stay at rest. A body in motion wants to stay in motion." (Heidi)
This is my new motivational mantra!

I was so excited when I seen that my "Good Morning It's Official" blog was Voted Featured Blog Post! That's really a cool feeling!

DIETER27 Posts: 9,551
4/25/18 4:19 P

Been tracking and really trying to get in more exercise. It paid off lost 17.8 pounds so far. Woo hoo!

CATE195 Posts: 8,505
4/18/18 7:25 A

Bad day yesterday, but I am back on track today and I know I can do it!

4/11/18 1:35 P

Good for you - honest tracking really opens your eyes and is (for me) the best way to make changes!

ECOAXUM SparkPoints: (128,736)
Fitness Minutes: (22,017)
Posts: 7,557
4/9/18 7:20 P


ECCOVISION1 SparkPoints: (37,328)
Fitness Minutes: (69,885)
Posts: 659
4/9/18 4:28 P

That is great!

4/8/18 1:47 P

Great job! Have you learned anything while doing so?

LARKDC SparkPoints: (87,558)
Fitness Minutes: (43,932)
Posts: 2,440
4/7/18 10:28 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon A good habit! Congratulations

THICK611 Posts: 592
4/7/18 9:53 P

tracking food daily ..

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