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See this image largerHanging with grandchildren. Day1.See this image largerToday’s SparkPeople Lunch Menu was just the thing to divert my hangry mid-day! Lots of flavor and I did not realize how varied and tasty these veggies burgers could be. I should have added a pinch of sugar and pat of butter to the vegetables to make them perfect, but then, thinking it through ... using the pear instead might have done the trick. I will have to try that next time. I wonder if SparkPeople might do a online podcast of cook pairing these fabulous menus?See this image largerHomemade oatmeal is way better than pre-made cereal packages. I actually look forward to eating this!See this image largerToday’s SparkMenu Lunch. Great for the aftermath, that brutal battle of going thru Xmas offering temptations. The menu makes sense more than ever. Added chopped pear to veggies and it was very tasty.See this image largerBest New Year lunch ever. Sautéed Tuscan Kale with garlic and lemon. Black Eyed peas. Jalapeño cornbread muffins. 340 calories.See this image largerToday’s Breakfast on the SparkPeople log! Added a teaspoon of cream cheese on top and raisins — it was amazing! Took me a bit of time to de-shell the hazelnuts with a pair of grips. No way was I going to ruin it with instant oatmeal tho after that. The effort it took to do it properly reminded me how important it was to be self-reverent. My old ways seem cattle pedantic and flavorless. Thanks SparkPeople!See this image largerSparkPeople menus are tasty! Breakfast was wonderful. Added sautéed peppers, garlic and jalapeños.See this image largerToday’s breakfast per SparkPeople. Thank you!See this image largerDelicious Dinner choices from SparkPeople menu tonight (see log). I did add a drizzle of sesame oil, sesame seeds and soy sauce to the asparagus and roasted them.See this image largerTonight’s Spark Menu meal!See this image largerMy breakfast reward after walking 3 miles. First attempt at regular exercise in a long time. My in-law in tow, Thanks John!See this image largerToday’s sacrifice to the diet gods. Love the Spark Menu suggestion. Never tried it this way before. Tasty! I always add salt and dash of hot sauce to my Creme of Wheat. I toast the grains lightly before adding water.See this image largerFirst Walk and I see a group of 8 tiny reindeer. Is the universe trying to tell me something? See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerTried something new!
asts# At 260 calories, this is avocado toast is awesome! I used Sourdough Toast, Nori, Sesame Seeds, Haas avocado and some chopped green onions. If this is what I hear NY, NY, locals rave about and pay $8 -20 for, I am so in. My portion costs $1.25. #healthyeats
See this image largerSparky unite. Weekend group walks at 7AM here.See this image largerMy inlaw's before pictureSee this image largerDad on a good daySee this image largerGarden dreams. Plants to start inside. My local grocers suck.See this image largerRestoring a favorite stool. I remember buying it when I was 7 in a store near Charlottesville.See this image largerToday’s Spark Menu Suggestion Lunch was awesome! Taking the time to make SparkRecipes “Becky’s Russian Dressing” so worth it! I added yogurt instead of so much mayo. Wow! New Fav! The salad has mixed leaf, added endive and some artichoke. It is topped with cooked shrimp and cheddar cheese. #healthyeatingSee this image largerIt is FREAKIN COLD this morning and I walked 3.5 miles in it! My walking app said this was my best effort ever... Of course, keep moving fast or freeze! Gorgeous day! Wildlife completely unafraid. They thought that anyone dumb enough to be out here is no threat to them? Breakfast needed to be hot and comforting later. Poached egg, bacon, pepper, hot of sauce and Cream of Wheat. #300 Cal. Drinking my water in hot tea! #healthyeatingSee this image largerFreakin Cold!See this image largerThe Spark Menu Lunch suggestion was perfect! Canned tuna with crisp, diced celery and sliced red, seedless grapes. I substituted some of the mayo for yogurt and added garlic powder. Topped with tomatoes on whole wheat, lightly toasted. I might add walnuts next time as a superfood additive. I guess with the ingredients suggestioned, it could have become a tuna melt, but this version was 390 cal. My go-to drink is crushed ice with limes.See this image largerThis was part of the SparkMenu suggestion. I had it in the style of the Spark Menu “Ginger Orange Tofu”. It is a new fav. Family loves it.See this image largerToday’s SparkMenu Breakfast, I never knew the flavors of cottage cheese and pink grapefruit complemented each other. The tortilla is pan toasted with soft scrambled egg. Very welcome after the frosty morning 3 mile walk. 390 CalSee this image largerSee this image largerAnytime I want to get grumpy about needed changes and how much work they are, I look at these Spark Menu choices and I am in a good mindset now. These diet choices are awesome! Added Belgian Endive, Green Onion, Greek spices,Radicchio and artichoke to salad. The salmon has Maple Smoke seasoning. Don’t cook the Salmon too long. I had the plain Oikos yogurt and it was not bad.See this image largerLovely meal on SparkMenu Lunch suggestions. The Asian Chicken Salad from SparkRecipes is appropriate for the coming Chinese New Year. 🐷See this image largerLunch. Baked sweet potato with cinnamon. Topped with cottage cheese, steamed broccoli and bacon. Granny Smith apples on the side with lemon juice. #healthyeatsSee this image largeris Losing Weight Again, MawhahaSee this image largerToday’s SparkMenu Lunch for two. So goodSee this image largerThe weather is now fine in Hampton Roads. This me with a 22lb loss...Waiting for my exercise buddy to walk. Been working on the water and the other daily exercise too. SparkPeople rocks! Blog on! 😀😀😀(1 comments)See this image largerGarden dreams. Will I ever be able to conquer my black thumbs? I hope so.(1 comments)See this image largerMe, working on this intentional. attainable list. It keeps growing. Wow!See this image largeris working the list. I know those leaves won't magically disappear.See this image largerMy take on SparkMenu suggestion today. Added almonds, noodles and mushrooms. Only had fish sticks available.See this image largerHere is Challenge. Anyway to Spark Recipe this? It is Chinese New Year today, the year of the Pig 🐷See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerDancing with the Enemy. Project messing with my goals.See this image largerVeggy Burgers are awesome!See this image largeris distracted but steering back(1 comments)See this image largerSparkMenu suggestions are something to look forward to. The tortilla is toasted with cream cheese and walnuts. I added a Pink Lady Apple and some raisins to my oil and vinegar salad with Greek seasoning. 360 Cal. #healthyeatsSee this image largerSparkMenu breakfast is a great inspiration. This is called ‘Birdie in Basket’. There is a dusting of Asiago cheese on top.See this image largerA few heavenly days and then Spring dances out of reach again. Done with winter...See this image largerLRJUSTUS1 inspired me on this dish. Fresh Parsley on Zucchini noodles, lightly sautéed in garlic with pan seared mushrooms. The side is boiled eggs with a dap of Texas Pete Honey Mustard. Oh my word!!!160Cal #healthyeatsSee this image largerPedicures are the thing with the granddaughters. Totally into the art.See this image largeris feeling the change in the weather. Brrrr!!!See this image largerSee this image largerNice SparkMenu choices on the SparkPeople site. Cottage cheese. Mandarin Oranges. Toasted Nut and Seed bread with sunflower butter. 😍 370Cal #healthyeatsSee this image largerHere is a food adventure that I am in love with. Take Ball jar and replace the top with plastic embroidery mesh. Add a tablespoon of your choice of sprout seed, rinse it every morning and store in a shady area. In five days, I have a ❤️ lovely 💕 batch of sprouts to add to soup, salad or sandwiches. This is so cool!See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largeris tired and sore from pushing herself walking. My Arugulas are upset and my Dill is not speaking.See this image largerValentine’s Day can be unpleasant to someone that is going thru divorce, lost a loved one or simply hasn’t met anyone that is worth the chocolate. It is ok to be that person. St Valentine was about peaceful resistance to rules that strip us of of our best selves. Be your best self. Don’t buy the commercialization. Share the love like first graders. SparkMenu thank you for the inspiration again!See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerSparkMenu. Cream of Wheat with Natural Peanut Butter and Blueberries. Today was a 2 coffee day. Good choice for a sharply cold and wet day. Husband approved. Now I can get something done today. Love it! 212Cal #healthyeatsSee this image largeris back working the listSee this image largerSparkMenu oatmeal. Instant just doesn’t do it for me. I sautéed Granny Smith apples, raisins, cinnamon, sliced almonds and added a dash of salt and sugar. Reserve a teaspoon of oats to toast in sautéed. Cook oatmeal with salt until stiff. Treat yourself well, the body will too. With coffee and cream, 360 Cal. #healthyeatsSee this image largerBreakfast with fresh, peeled kiwi, flax seed and plain Oikos yogurt and that beautiful side is a nice, warm, chewy bolillos. I think the ones that are cooked in a fired stone oven would be amazing... Still want to make my own yogurt. Does using lactose free milk affect yogurt process? I had trouble with making homemade pudding with it. With coffee and cream, this comforting breakfast is 360 cal. #healthyeatsSee this image largerToday’s SparkMenu Lunch was wonderful and satisfying. Thank you SparkPeople! This dish is black pepper broiled sliced garlic broccoli and tofu, topped with toasted almond, sprinkle of cheddar and chopped green onions, all on on a bed of sticky jasmine rice. The side is mandarin oranges. Next time, I will use Jessa Inger Peppers and dry roasted peanuts instead. 400 Cal. #healthyeatsSee this image largerThis was guided by SparkMenu Breakfast today. The toast is “Birdy in a Basket” style. Slice of butter bread, egg, and Parmesan Asiago cheese; then, mandarin oranges and Granny Smith Apples as a side. Calories include cream in coffee. 280 Cal #healthyeatingSee this image largeris working the list. The struggle is real.See this image largerThank you SparkPeople for the SparkMenu choice tonight. Farfalle with Mushrooms SparkRecipe. Added chickpeas, mustard seed and feta. The side is toasted rye bread. Super tasty 😋. Even my picky grandson liked it. 280 Cal #healthyeats.See this image largerLove 😍 the SparkMenu Lunch choice. Broiled salmon topped with smoke maple seasoning and lemon. The side is rye toast, Oikos plain yogurt and nice Balsamic dressed salad with shredded lettuce and cabbage, avocado, strawberry and cherry tomatoes. So good that it made fast food not a temptation. 400 cal #healthyeatsSee this image largeris adapting to the SPRING Purple Passion expectationsSee this image largerGood start to a great day! SparkMenu suggestion was soft scrambled egg in a warm tortilla and a side of pink grapefruit with cottage cheese. With coffee 285 Cal #healthyeatsSee this image largerPurple Passion weapons of war. Strength training. Can I add 30 min of this each week?See this image largerMade my waffles from scratch this time. The more I researched, the more concerned I got about the glyphosate. Made a new low batch recipe and called it ‘My #%! Organic Multigrain Waffle’. Should be low fat, high fiber, low sugar and low pesticide. It is topped with cashew butter, Oikos yogurt, strawberries and blueberries (I plan on making homemade yogurt on a later batch). Calories include cream in 2 coffees. 285 Calories. #healthyeatsSee this image largerSpring Purple Passion! Keep Sparking!See this image largerThis was a great way to start the day! Breakfast from the SparkMenu log was a toasted white pita with chopped dates and cream cheese. Could not be easier. This portion is for two. Add coffee and it becomes 380 Cal. #healthyeatsSee this image largertrying to be a better example. This is the guy who thinks his smile is too big and is the only one for me. (1 comments)See this image largeris working the list. My Purple Passion is a sprout!See this image largerTried the Red Lentil spaghetti in SparkRecipes. Added carrots and celery. Pretty tasty. Side is whole wheat spaghetti noodles and verde green beans. 400 Cal meal. #healthyeatsSee this image largerSparkMenu Lunch (see log) was very tasty. Mashed egg with salt, pepper and butter, lettuce and garlic toasted organic pita bread. Loved the Summer Squash recipe. The other side is red organic grapes. The grapes seemed of a better quality than I had been getting before. 280 Cal. #healthyeatsSee this image largerNice SparkMenu breakfast suggestion (See log). Very simple and tasty. Nut seed wheat bread with cream cheese. I wish the grapefruits weren’t so bitter this time of year ... had to orange mandarin substitute. With coffee, 200 calSee this image largerSparkMenu (see log) gave me a beautiful lunch. Shrimp and Spinach salad. I made “Variation on Becky’s Russian Dressing.” That is so good! Add strawberries and a cup of Earl Grey tea, only 200 cal.See this image larger200 lb milestone closing in. Whoo who!See this image largeris Carving time for my goals.See this image largerNice choices on the SparkMenu (see log). Thanks for the inspiration. Fresh seasoned grilled chicken on toasted pita bread. Spinach, feta cheese, olive oil spray, rice vinegar, dried cranberries and mandarin orange on the side. 320CalSee this image largerAnd it was so. Lovely choices for breakfast at SparkMenu. Granola, Oikos plain yogurt and strawberries. Eat with sun on face, the rain has finally stopped. Give silent alleluias. With coffee 360 cal.See this image largerIf ever there was magic in a 3 bean vegetarian chilli, this is it. Big shout out to “Easy Vegetarian Chilli” on SparkRecipes.See this image largerThank you SparkMenu! Today’s breakfast is Raisin Bran muffin, Oikos Greek plain yogurt and Nectarines. STORMY96 made an excellent Raisin Bran muffin recipe in SparkRecipes...I cannot recommend it enough; however, I have dietary issues so I modified it into “My #%! Raisin Bran Muffins with Carrots and Applesauce. It is organic and lactose free. With coffee, 215 Cal.See this image largerhas passed the 200 lb milestone! It only cost walking in the rain for 4 miles! Wearing flips was not smart.(2 comments)See this image largerThis has cauliflower in the Colceron, the side is beer steamed cabbage with thickened balsamic vinegar. With lite lager beer it comes to 500 cal. Been eating lite all day for this. The walk tonight should make it right. Happy St Patrick!See this image largerNice inspiration choice for Spring Lunch, SparkMenu! Seeded toasted Whole Wheat bread with sharp cheddar, onion spinach omelette and cooked pears with a dot of cream cheese and nutmeg. With a spot of hot tea, I feel like royalty. 420 calSee this image largerThis was on the lunch SparkMenu and it was dazzling. How can I be dieting when it is this good? This is glorious. Thank you SparkPeople! Southwestern grilled pork, wild rice and caramelized onions, romaine lettuce and strawberries with balsamic vinegar and oil. 366 Cal.See this image largerGardening!See this image largerSee this image largerEating this SparkMenu Lunch was like the song, “Ain’t it great to be a Gangster,” Loved it! Not missing my old choices here. Modified Becky’s Russian dressing with shrimp, green onions, cheddar, spinach, iceberg and arugula. 285 cal. Unbelievable flavor.See this image largerALBESILA Exhibition by Nauticus in Norfolk, VA.(1 comments)See this image largerLove the lunch suggestion from the log on SparkMenu! Pinto beans, lettuce, salsa, tortilla chips, onions and sour cream. 400 cal. Thank you SparkPeople!See this image largerNice choices on the SparkMenu Lunch log. Dill Shrimp Falafel with Broccoli, green onions, Parmesan and tomato. 200 cal. There is royalty in these suggestions.See this image largerToday’s Spark Menu suggestion: Mashed potato with sharp cheddar, pan fried onions, fresh corn and seared turkey luncheon meat. Side is cantaloupe. 320 calories. I love this!!See this image largerThis is a bad pic, but there is Swiss Cheese, Lite Mayo, seared Rosemary Turkey, Spinach, Envy Apple slices ... all stuffed in slightly toasted pita. 360 calorie suggestion from SparkMenu. I would order this anytime, anywhere... That Taco Bell salad that I ordered yesterday (puffed up assumption on my part too) with no dressing, cost me 760 calories.See this image largerNormally, SparkMenu is the bomb (See log). Beautiful flavors and smart nutritional choices. Today was the exception. How can I make this raisin, lite mayo, tuna and pita sandwich the jewel it should be? I challenge you all.See this image largerNice SparkMenu choice. Whole wheat spaghetti with Parmesan, onions, garlic, yellow peppers, shredded carrots, beef, tomatoes and bit of jalapeño. About 280 Calories.See this image largerMy mascot for Purple Pegasus Summer Challenge. Hope my teammates are excited to begin?See this image largerNice SparkMenu choice for lunch. Grilled cheddar on 2 slices of seeded whole wheat bread with thin sliced Roma tomatoes. Baby carrots and garlic hummus on the side. This banana option will become a smoothie later, 400 calories.See this image largeris a Purple PegasusSee this image largerRound two with the Tuna Sandwich on SparkMenu and it is a definite upgrade. Substituted a boiled egg for cheese, added onion. There is Dave’s Seeded bread, red sliced grapes, mayo and onion. 375 Calories.See this image largerHappy SparkMenu Breakfast to you! White corn fresh milled grits, sunny side-up eggs, fresh blueberries and a steaming cup of brewed coffee (Starbucks Veranda) with a touch of low-fat Fairlife milk. Life is good, this food is better than my usual go to. 166 calories.See this image largerSimple but nice SparkMenu. Mixed vegetables with dill. Salmon broiled with orange peel, ginger and Panko crumbs. Wild rice and jasmine rice. Fresh pineapple and cottage cheese. 388 calories. Yeah, I am a fan.See this image largerLovely Spark Menu choices for lunch today. Oven baked Tilapia with couscous and the Garlicky Mushrooms and Broccoli Recipe on SparkRecipes. 340 Calories.See this image largerWith a vanilla Jello pudding, this lunch was such a tasty winner: Toasted pita with warm egg salad (butter, celery, lettuce and Mrs Dash); Side of cherries; Oven roasted onions and Summer squash. 380 calories. Thank you Spark Menu for the inspiration.See this image largerGood Breakfast is everything. Thanks SparkMenu!!See this image largerWeek 3 Bingo Big LoserSee this image largerLovely Choices on the SparkLog. Rice and quinoa, broiled salmon, mixed vegetables with a drizzle of reduced balsamic vinegar. There is a side of cottage cheese and pineapple. 440 calories.See this image largerHappy 4th of July! Spark Log Breakfast: Nutrigrain waffles with almond butter, strawberries, blueberries, Chobani plain Greek yogurt and sliced almonds. 285 calories with coffee.See this image largerI am so grateful for the Spark Log suggestions for my meals. When I am tired and I can’t think what to eat that is right — there this list is. More than fifty pounds gone and my bad blood pressure where it should be. I am a SparkMenu fan for life 🧡. This meal is baked potatoes with cheddar cheese, sour cream, green onions and bacon bits. There is a side of streamed broccoli with garlic. Also, baked pears with nutmeg and cream cheese. 350 calories.See this image largerLove, love, love the Spark Log lunch suggestion. Mashed potato with ham and turkey luncheon meat, Monterey Jack cheese, and fresh corn. The side is cantaloupe. 350 calSee this image largerSpark Log lunch suggestions are the best. Made High Tea worthy bites from potato chips, cream cheese, red peppers and grapes a salami. 280 calories.See this image largerI let myself get rushed and skipped breakfast — but I did make time to pick up some breakfast for my grandchild on the way. Their breakfast burrito combo (see top) was over 600 cal. Their choice of ingredients was questionable too. After I made my drops, I made time for a late breakfast per the Spark Log suggestion. Thank you, whomever publishes this menu, you are awesome.See this image largerThe suggestions on the Spark Log are awesome! This is slow cooked Cream of Wheat with Fresh Strawberries. I always toast the grains to release more protein and flavor. A dash of salt and Tabasco doesn’t hurt either.See this image largerA quiet moment with Spark Log suggestion for breakfast. Is it love? I think so. The wheat tortilla is toasted and the cantaloupe has the smell of Summer flowers. Keep the cheddar sharp. 300 calories. Thank you, Spark People!See this image largerI love SparkMenu lunches. The Southwestern Pork Recipe is fabulous.See this image largerMy son-in-law has gone on a diet where he eats PBJ morning, noon and night. It occurs to me that cooking is not his thing but it needs to be. This a SparkMenu choice suggestion from the Spark App weight log and it is fabulous. Nutri-grain waffle with mandarin and PB. Taken with a hot beverage, it lasts til lunch.See this image largerIt has been a very good year. Love the Spark Menu and love the support here! #BeforeAndAfterSee this image largerWent different route this Halloween and it was great! The mindset that I shouldn’t deny myself a diabetic coma had to go. Thanks for the inspiration, SparksPeople. Yep, I handed out pretzels at the door too. Whoo who! Who’s a rebel now?See this image larger

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