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See this image largerSunday is Day 46. I've lost 12 pounds since Day 1 and 16 pounds total from my highest weight. I doing pretty well. This next month I want to work on mindfulness as a goal only 4 minutes a day. This is the lake I go at to swim. I go early around 10 am. This week it's all 90's so I am going to try and go every day. :) See this image largerI couldn't sleep so i made a pumpkin cake. just maple syrup for sugar and sprouted flour for flour. 9 grams of sugar, 18 carbs per slice. there is coconut oil in the cake which i know a lot of people don't think is bad but i am trying to watch my saturated fat so I will limit it to one a day. I tried it after the pic and it was tasty. :)See this image largerI made a whole grain crust pizza for lunch with a salad for my mom and me. I'm working with a dietician and am keeping track of my saturated fat and sugar etc. :) See this image largeri made baked chicken legs for the first time today. I hope they are right and cooked well. I don't have a thermometer and didn't grow up eating chicken. See this image largerSee this image largerI had thought of having a donut today. I'm trying mindful eating right now and not labeling food good or bad. Instead I had a pumpkin bar. It's less than half the fat grams. The frosting is a little cream cheese and Greek yogurt. I was able to eat a bigger portion with more fiber and less sat fat and sugar. :)See this image largerMy ham sandwich for lunch.See this image largerThese are suppose to be gluten free and flour free chocolate chip cookies. But instead of putting chips in I put some cinnamon. And I replaced half the sugar with squeezed juice from 2 cuties. With almond butter. See this image largerWhen I crave a dessert this is what I eat. I find the more I make something the more I change the recipe. It originally had coconut oil in it. I changed it to olive oil. It was carrots I changed it tool pumpkin. No salt added too. Next time I'm going to replace one egg with a flaxseed egg and see how it tastes!See this image larger

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