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See this image largerHave worked out 7 days in a row, cant wait to do it again tonightSee this image larger(2 comments)See this image largerHaving a girls night at my sisters, while her husband is out of town. She ordered pizza and soda. I passed and brought my own healthy dinner and drank water while everyone else had the pizzaSee this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerSee this image largerSo I bought shoes today for when I hit my goal & my husband is gonna take me out to celebrate. So ready to hit my goal , only 6lbs to go(1 comments)See this image largerstill hard at work, while in the process of trying to pack and move into our house. , have lost 17lbs so far, and have 5 more till I hit my Goal. This woman is not giving up this time(1 comments)See this image largermade family thick crust pizza and mine on 2 corn tortillas , and they were delish. Also got my workout doneSee this image largerDRIVER'S LICENSES WEIGHT This woman weighed in today and I am only 3lbs away from my goal, but am so excited because I actually weigh what it says on my LICENSE LOL. I've always fibbed on my weight when then ask me how much I weighSee this image largerSee this image larger(2 comments)See this image largerTacos for my Hubbys Birthday dinner.🎉See this image largertoday I rocked it stay on the low end on calories . Morning elliptical for 40 min/ took my nephew for a 32 min walk / then after dinner bike ride. tried to stay active today, but pretty wore out. This little chickadee is ready for bed night everyoneSee this image largerShreaded Chicken taco with peppers & onion on flatout bread, with fiesta corn, 320 caloriesSee this image largerToday I hit my Goal 132.0 , so I lost 25lbs. Also did it a month earlySee this image largerjust put my veggies in the oven . can't waitSee this image largerlunch today, spicy black bean burgerSee this image largerIt really gets hard staying on track when my husband loves to eat out all the time, and celebrate stuff with food. last night we went out cause he got the job he wanted, I did manage to eat pretty healthySee this image largeri have planted stuff so I can cook cleaner and give my food some flavor, so here I have dill ,basil and cilantro, and a pepper plant . it's a startSee this image largerscrambled egg with salsaSee this image largermaking homemade Cashew Chicken for dinnerSee this image largerIS IT WEIRD THAT I LOVE WALKING BY THE BAGS OF POTATOES AT THE STORE?????? I like seeing that I've lost 3- 10lb BAGS of potatoes, makes me feel like dancing every time heheSee this image largerSo hungry, will now make this disappearSee this image largerWell I hit my next goal , lost my last 5 lbs before Christmas . I now am going to try and keep it off through the holidays, and now to really start toning my body , when I started my journey a year ago I hated my body . Now I love me and feel great , DON'T GIVE UP! ( I'm in the stripes)See this image largerSo happy finally got my Fitbit for Christmas.See this image largerWatching The Princess Bride , while eating homemade potato soup with water for lunch . Sick day for meSee this image largerWatching my Titans , and eating dinner. Baked fish /cabbage goooo TITANSSee this image largerWell I'm still battling my head cold , and then had to go pick my son up from school cause he threw up. He said his whole body hurts so thinking he has the flu.See this image largerDoes building a snowman count as a workout lolSee this image largerToday is the first time In over a month it has been warm enough for me to get out and get my walk on. The sun felt so good on my face. Love walking around my town. 59 degrees outSee this image largerSee this image largerSo nice out side , got to hike with my family. BURDEN FALLSSee this image largerWell today , is my first day back . I have been eating any and everything for the last year( was pregnant). Now my little one is almost 6mo. So it's now time for me to take my body back ** insert Rocky , eye of the tiger music **. This morning I started to track food intake. I cant wait to kick my butt back into shape.See this image largerTurkey meatloaf ontop of edamame, with corn and red bell peppers for dinner tonight. First time making it , giving it 5 stars for flavor.See this image largerThat moment you find yourself browsing the shock collars, wondering if it might help you stop mid day-night time snacking ahhhhhhSee this image largerSee this image largerShe was my little workout partner todaySee this image largerGot my 40 min walk done , now breakfast with coffee and water . Have a great day sparklersSee this image largerI did it , could kick my self for not remembering to put it on for my 30 min walk this morning . Met all my goals today.See this image largerDinner tonight, grilled chicken with grilled veggies. With ome jalapeno popper.See this image largerWent out of town for my Birthday weekend. Was happy today on way home we stopped off for a hike and took pictures of this record cherry oak tree, for il. 22ft wide 100 ft tallSee this image largerBaby Shark workout so for all the stay at home moms out there that can't put on the workout videos because your kids wont let you . Check out YouTube for some baby shark remix lol . my little one wont let me do my zumba but will let me do the baby shark dance remix. so that's what we dance too lol gotta take what I canSee this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largergrilled chicken with broccoli and teriyaki sauce for dinner tonight.See this image largerOmgosh going to be so sore tomorrow, went skating with my son tonight for my exercise.See this image largerGrilled chicken/veggies with Air fried Sweet potatoes for lunchSee this image largerMade pizza for dinner tonight . Kids made their own regular and I made my pizza( portabella mushroom caps) for the crust . Only 238 calories , marinara and tons of veggies and chopped pepperoni and part skim mozzarella cheese. Best pizza I've had in a long time , this will be a once a week dinner for me. Husband also really liked it.See this image largerTonights dinner : CHICKEN LETTUCE WRAPS First time making and was very happy how they turned out. This was enough for my hubby and I to eat , and leftover for lunch tomorrow.

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