Iron Man

Thursday, May 01, 2008

So we are going to see Iron Man tonight at 10pm est. I already promised I would get dressed for it, rather than go in sweats and a shirt.
Do you know what that means? Well, do ya?
It means I have to go all the way upstairs, from down here. The basement, the "fun" room. The room that contains my lovely computer.
So I have to go up, I hate getting dressed up to go anywhere, I am not going to impress anyone, I already have Mr Almost Perfect.. Who do I need to look good for?
This is where you are thinking, You will look good for your man.
So, then your saying I need to impress him... While we go out? I think that's stupid, I impress him enough by putting up with him.
Mr Almost Perfect, has just as many flaws as the normal guy.

So what am I getting all dressed up so he wont look at other chicks? Because.. yanno.. when we got married he promised I would be the one and only then..

Getting all dressed up to go sit in the dark.. I almost.. no.. I just don't see the point.

I have not put makeup on since before we were married, yep.. that's right I was all natural for our wedding, no maybeline or covergirl covering up my ultra cuteness..

and still i sit here and dread going up the stairs.. dread finding an outfit that isn't too tight on me, or the other.. too lose on me that it looks like I am wearing a chocolate covered moo moo from hell.

In February, before I started Spark People.. I had to clean out the second bedroom to the condo, make it look nicer etc.
So I packed up all my size medium 9/10 clothing as I was to fat to wear any of it.
I started to look into getting into shape.. and what did I read? I should have at least 3 pairs of pants that fit me.
Sure! I had sweats that fit.. No Problem.
Oh then I read more, said they couldn't be sweats. So, back then I went and got some jeans, I was a size 16 *dies*
So that's when my original motivation kicked in.

I, for at least 16 years of my life have been a size 8-12 swinging in and out of those sizes was normal, but I had never been a whopping size 16.

So I got 3 pairs of jeans that were size 16. I found that to be such a downer.

Within 2 weeks of doing that, I got 6WBMO and lost 10 pounds in one week. and um lost 1 pant size.. So then I was a size 14.

So now I have 3 pairs of jeans that sag on me, Yes that is why god invented belts, right?
So then I looked into my garbage bags of despair, which currently hold about 75 pairs of jeans that are to small and 100s of shirts.

*yes I love clothes, or I loved clothes when they were the "right" size...

Found some size 14s that fit.. and Well almost 2 months have passed since then, and I started at a gargantuan number of 188, and today I am at 166.5...

Does this mean? That I need to dip back into my Despair bags? To try and find some size 12 jeans?????

I cant even tell I have lost 20 pounds, I mean where did it go? I can look at my mom and see she lost 30 pounds, I look at my self nekkid in the mirror and think.. yep I look the same...

/rant over
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    I hear you! You absolutely need to dip back into that bag of despair because I just did the same thing this morning and unbelievably something that I have been trying on for about 5 years fits, and fits loosely.

    Now that isn't to say that something in that bag will fit exactly how you want it to. But the reality is, having lost 20 pounds, something in that bag will fit better than it did before and that, my dear, is progress.

    As for the getting dressed up thing, you are getting dressed up for yourself. Because if you are waiting for the day when everything fits perfect and you can wear the size you want and that is the time you think you will look good, then you are wasting time.

    You are wasting plenty of perfectly good opportunities to remind yourself that YOU are worth it, not the you 30 pounds down the road, but the You right now.

    Also, it wouldn't hurt to remind your husband that he has a catch and he may not be the only one taking a glance. Men need to be reminded of what they have and how lucky they are to have it. It's easy to do when you do something unexpected. : )

    I am so jealous you are going to see Iron Man. I would love to check it out tonight myself. Have fun.
    4682 days ago
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