McDonald's...I'm Hatin' It!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Well, my advice to anyone reading this....Never, I repeat never say that you will save all your calories for one "bad" meal. MY STORY: Today, I woke up and said to myself " I think I want to have a Tony's Supreme Pizza" I haven't had a Tony's Pizza since I started my new life. Anywho, I had breakfast and went to the gym. I picked up my pizza at walmart and came home. At about 3 pm I had my pizza. Besides my oatmeal and fruit, pizza was my food for the whole day. So, of course I was starving by about 6. I did good though. I didn't eat a thing and I was still in my calorie range,( I was over in fat by 5) so I could get some fruit later if I wanted it. Well, I had my fruit but that didn't do it. About 11 pm I was headed to McDonalds. I had two double cheeseburgers (no buns) and a small fry. WOW!!! My little piggie came out in a big way. I know that pizza being my "only" meal was the culprit. Usually I eat throughout the day, so I'm never hungry. So my advice. Eating that "bad" meal as your only meal early in the day is setting your evening up for failure. I know, it just happened.
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    Been there and done that. Its a hard way to go, but well worth a lesson learned. Keep doing you thang sister girl!
    4546 days ago
    Oh my, I went down this road a few times in the beginning. Not only did I lose control for the day, but it left my stomach very upset. Now a days, I still eat something "bad" when I'm craving it, but I plan my entire day out so I can stay within my calorie range and still eat 3 meals and two snacks, including the bad food.. and I try to find someone else who'd like to split it with me so I can keep from pigging out! It's hard, but at the end of the day I feel a whole lot better!
    4560 days ago
    Saving up your calories for a bad meal is a bad idea definately,I saved up for pizza hut and that ended wiht me eating everything in sight and then off to eat ice cream.

    I also tried to save up for doritos my worst enemy and I always overeat!!!I now have a solution they now have doritos mini 100 calorie packs, yaaay sometimes I feel evil and eat 2,its definnately better then polisihing off a huge family size doritos.
    4569 days ago
    That's what happened to me yesterday. It was a disaster I wanted to call the police on my own self. Not only did I eat my calories I ate somebody else's too. I t was ridculous but I learned that same lesson. I guess the good thing is we picked up a new weapon in this fight. So we may have loss this battle but next time we win.......................
    4570 days ago
    The fast food joints are high calorie and no satisfaction- I decided when I want to spoil myself - I do it in a nice restaurant-

    but in the end- its' only one day - tommorow is another
    4571 days ago
    Yep, you can't ever save calories! I always have dark chocolate pieces in the frig. Just a small one savored until it melts in the mouth, takes care of that "need" for me. I love MCD chicken McNuggets, but they really aren't a good choice because of the fat in them. A plain hamburger would be a better choice nutritionally but ya know, sometimes ya gotta have them. Spark People, I believe, is not about deprivation. It is learning to eat healthy. You still have to enjoy or you won't keep on keepin on! Great job on the weight loss and the pink dress is so pretty on you!
    4571 days ago
    I know exactly what you mean. I say sometimes also..."today, I am going to spoil myself and have..McDonald's, DQ, or Taco Bell". I always overeat when I do. I know to stay away fromt hose places. I know you can eat what you want in moderation, but I can't be trusted at those places :) It's just best for me to stay away all together. I was looking at your stats and you are doing wonderful. That is so awsome. I just joined the "Done" team and saw you were a member. I am looking foward to the support of this team. I need alll the support I can get!!

    4589 days ago
    You know what, you learned something about saving calories today and tomorrow is a new day. Try eatings small meal/snacks every 3-4 hours AND have a high fat meal once a week to help with cravings. Allow yourself to eat some foods in moderation, you are doing great and have lost a lot of weight...just means you gonna have work your butt off to get rid of those hamburgers and that pizza and I know you will do it...lol. We get like that especially when TOM is here too. If it makes you feel any better, I ate more than I should of Chex Mix yesterday...TOM is almost here and I crave salty crunchy foods, but you know so what. So don't beat yourself up about, like I said, lesson learned and tomorrow is another day!

    4595 days ago

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