my tubal ligation

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Well as many of you know I had my tubal ligation yesterday. It was originally scheduled for 10:00am, but they called thursday to tell me not to arrive till 11:30, because my surgery would not be till 1:30pm. Bryan took me up, then went home. I had to sit in a hospital bed till 12:30, then they took me to a room with multiple patients to be sedated. I was scared to death so I was glad when they gave me a mild sedative that put me to sleep. I woke up at 3:00pm to a nurse telling me that there was an emergency c-section in my OR room and that my dr. was in a delivery on a different floor so they weren't sure how much longer it would be.

Around 3:30 my doc came in and they took me into the OR I expected to be already knocked out but instead they had me move myself from the bed to the operating table, then they strapped me down and put monitors on me before they put anesthesia into my iv. It was very scary looking up at the big lights above me. Next thing I know I hear nurses calling my name, and I had severe abdominal pain-I was in the recovery room.

I couldn't hardly talk.. they put a breathing tube down my throat and I am still very hoarse and sore. I had alot of trouble waking up. They told me bryan was on the way from milking cows, I tried to correct her and tell her he was just feeding the bottle calfs (we have beef cows not milk cows) but she couldn't understand me. I was given pain medication in my iv 3 times and in about an hour they took me to the little room I started in.. I had to climb out of the bed and into a chair... it was really awkward.

I was surprised to be in so much pain -and still so, and to be bleeding vaginally-totally not expected.

Bryan came in and was followed by the doc- doc said it went really well, and that he used a new technique (not sure exactly what i was too out of it) My incision is only about .5inches, and he cut and burned both tubes, and only put in one stitch.. I couldn't believe they just covered it with a band aid..

Now the bad news--- The doc told me nothing in my vagina including sex for 6 more weeks. Bryan just about fell out of his chair. We were waiting till after I had this procedure to have sex again. I looked at him and said sorry honey guess you can add to that 3 months its already been... doc finally said alright,, nothing for at least 2 weeks.... I kind of doubt that will happen, but it will be a few days for sure!

I am having trouble changing positions, and I coudn't even hold the baby last night, when he bumped my incicsion it made me bleed. Bryan fixed me toast because they said to eat that first since it had been 24 hours since I had been allowed to eat and ice cream to sooth my throat. I had to wake him up when the baby was up because I coudn't get out of bed.. I coudn't hardly roll over. Thankfully my aunt daughter overnight again last night, and my inlaws will have her today.
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    I hope you are feeling better, take care and take it slow!
    4467 days ago
    OK I'll put my two cents in - I got a tubal done and granted it was right after I had my second son, but it was painful (yea I feel your pain for sure). It took more than a couple weeks to recover fully, but I would suggest you take it easy because poking an organ that you just had major surgery on does not sound like my idea of a romantic or sensual time...
    Good luck on your healing
    4469 days ago
    Ouch! I wasn't aware that having a tubal ligation was that painful. I know it's hard with a baby to take care of, but hopefully you'll recover quickly!
    4469 days ago
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