Surgery went great, thank you

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers and leaving me nice messages and comments. I guess they worked cuz I made it through! None of it was nearly as bad as I thought, it's just the anticipation and anixeity you get from going through something like this that is the worst. This morning when I was getting dressed to leave I felt like I was getting ready for the electric chair or something! It was the scariest thought ever.
But I got to the hospital at like 9:00, got registered and changed and a IV put in, which was the worst part of it all! The IV hurt no joke, but not a hurt that will scare me for the rest of my life.. And around 10:15 they took me back to the operation room. That part was really scary emotionally, I'm in this huge white room everyone in surgical masks and I'm pretty much naked (had on my gown but it was untied and everything in the back... hope they liked my butt!), and they make my naked ass hop from one bed to the next, which is pretty hard when you got a IV hooked up and like 4 heart rate monitors and BP cuff and everything on. But after that I was pretty much gone. I remember them telling me their giving me something in my IV to calm me.. it did.. than they said their giving me "the good stuff" and I was gone. Didn't even have a chance to count backwards or anything. I remember waking up in the hallway while being taken back to my room, I told the nurse something about dreaming about text messages... I don't know I probably did dream about texting I'm a serious texter lol. Wonder what other gibberish I said.
So they made me sit up drink some water and try to wake up, the nurse said she'd be back in 10 to help me get outta bed and dressed. But as soon as she left I jumped up changed grabbed my things and went in the hall way. I was ready to get outta there, they told me they wanted to put me in a wheel chair to be taken outside, but I refused. And they kept asking, and I still refused. I can do this on my own... really, I kept telling them.
So I got discharge papers and I was in my car (well my mom drove, I'm not that brave) at like 11:25. I never thought ANYTHING at a hospital went that quick! I'm just glad it's done, I actually feel really proud for doing it all. I feel fine, I haven't even filled the prescription they gave me for pain pills. I'm sore, I can't sit up straight or it hurts. And I feel like I have a REALLY BAD hangover, probably from being put out, but minus all the fun after party stories to tell lol.
But the worst part of it all... NO SEX FOR 6 WEEKS! ::scream:: ok ok that's really not a huge deal, I've gone through dry spells where I haven't had sex for that long maybe longer...
But tommrow I'm getting back on track, it's hard to explain but now that this is all over, I just feel a huge weight lifted off me. I really wanna start excersizing and losing again and just back to normal. After work tommrow I'm going to go to my doctor and get back on my diet pills, they said I can start my work outs again tommrow just to rest today, and I'm ready for this! I feel proud for going through all this.

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    Glad everything went so well and you are dong fine. I agree that the anticipation can be the worst part of a procedure. Not true of knee replacement but usually. Congatulations on getting it over with.
    4232 days ago
  • RHALES199
    glad to hear everything went alright!
    4232 days ago
    Glad you are feeling better!! I know I've had a couple of surgeries I felt good when I got home, you may need the pain pills tomorrow. DOn't know what the surgery was for, but glad it wasn't that bad on ya! From the talk of no sex it sounds like one I've had, hopefully not for the same reason I had it done.
    4232 days ago
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