Size 10 from 20

Friday, March 05, 2010

I almost cried in the dressing room of Old Navy today. I went in and grabbed a few pants and skirts in a size 14, and Large, my normal size. and they were too big. I was cool with that. I know Old Navy's sizes can very big and small so I went back to get a size 12. what do you know, everything I had tried on didn't come in a size 12. So I said what the heck and grabbed a size 10 and Mediums. Well the mediums were too small but what shocked me the most was that I was able to get my huge behind into a pair of 10's. Nothing I would be able to wear out in public but sure as heck I bought the pants. partly because they were on sale for $8 and partly beause they were A SIZE 10. This is a huge triumph but I will not be fooled. I still consider myself a 14, at least until I can get in those 10's comfortably :)
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