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I think it's the shoes!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I spent a week trying to decide whether or not to spend yet more money to get new running shoes - the right shoes this time. Common sense finally prevailed and I found a running store near my office. After all, I can't afford to destroy my body, and if I destroy my knees I won't be able to dance. Nope, that's not going to happen.

The staff was knowledgeable - or seemed so to me, what do I know? I got a pat on the back for having the right size shoes, and discovered that contrary to what I had been told by my mother, I do not have flat feet. I have a medium arch, and it's a strong one at that. I pronate, but then I was told about half the people do. I tried on many shoes, offering more or less stability. The ones I already had offer maximum stability, but I really liked the feel of the ones that offered much less. So that's what I went with.

I headed out this morning planning to do a longer route, but with walk breaks. Now that I've completed C25K, I'm going back to basics and building back up with run/walk. I did 4.5 miles slowly, it took me 56 minutes. But I finished with my knees feeling just slightly stressed. It felt as if I was rolling more on the outside of my foot, and not having my foot forced inward. I'm not sure that makes sense to anyone else, but the foot strike was distinctly different from what it was in the other shoes.

I'm going to ice the knee to be on the safe side, but I really think the problem was with the other shoes. I sure hope it's that simple!

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    Shoes can make the difference and so can orthotics. You might want to check with a chiropractor, osteopath, podiatrist, someone like that, about a custom made orthotic to insert into your shoes to protect your knees and hips if you are still having knee pain.

    3994 days ago
    Hope the shoes work out! I alternate new and old shoes for a while when I change, so that there's not a sudden change in the shoe. Perhaps that might help.
    3994 days ago
    Here's to hoping the new shoes work for you! Running is such a great outlet.

    Your so right to listen: Your knee is telling you something. It can take time to decode- the shoes were a really good place to start. Now so you'll be able to sort out what's what (footwear? technique? length of runs? running surface?).

    Be sure to give your knee the rest day(s) it needs/ is asking for and as a new runner take care not to do long runs (compared to your baseline)too close together (the ole cap of 10% increase per week golden rule).

    It's A REALLY GOOD SIGN that you got through the C25K program w/o knee pain. It may not be relevant to you, but from my experience (and from a ton of reading while i was on leg rest) the need to stay really gradual with increasing ones running is really important- ones aerobic endurance builds up much faster than ones musculoskel system adapts. O dear, I AM such a broken record on this topic! (But for now I'll spare you my run-on-trails instead of asphalt whenever possible obsession!)
    Anyway, here's to ice, rest and a quick recovery, I hope!!!!!
    3995 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/20/2010 11:37:33 PM
    Shoes are definitely important. We have a local store who is great. You buy a pair of shoes, you can wear them a few weeks and if they don't feel right or cause a problem, they'll take them back without question and find you one that does. My co-worker has been struggling since she started running, losing toe nails, callouses on the balls of her feet, complete and totally misery but she kept at it. She has had numerous back issues to boot but today she ran in a brand new shoe (a no-no) and thinks she may have finally found the ONE!! She was thrilled. I, so far, have been fortunate where shoes are concerned. I found a pair I liked, and have several. I'm terrible!!!!

    Good luck and keep at it.
    3995 days ago
    I also have a strong arch (and a high one, to boot). Years of going barefoot and doing yoga have strengthened the muscles in my feet, so a very stiff, structured shoe bothers me. I also land on the outside edge of my foot (it's called supination as opposed to pronation). And I definitely prefer a neutral shoe to a stability shoe.

    I hope these work out for you!
    3995 days ago
    I just got another pair of shoes for running and went back to the same running store I bought the previous pair. I did try on a few different pairs, but, there was some discomfort so I ended up getting the ones they recommended.
    Thank goodness most smaller running stores know what they are talking about and can give us the information we need to make a good selection.
    I did visit a different store the previous weekend and because it was a Sunday PM, I think the staff was a little less knowledgeable than the staff available during the week. Just an FYI when you go back.
    3995 days ago
    You absolutely did the right thing when you went to a store with knowledgeable staff, and it sounds like they took the time to fit your shoes properly. And footwear can not only make your activity harder or easier, it can cause injury ... I had a friend who once bought the top of the line, most expensive skates and although she never felt really comfortable in them she persevered. She persevered herself into a back injury ... once she recovered from that (and it took a LONG time) she bought different skates. These ones were way less expensive but they were the right ones for her and her injury never came back.

    You did good, kid!
    3995 days ago
  • JLITT62
    Shoes CAN definitely make a huge difference. Since I don't really run all that much yet, I can't say as I've really had any problems in that department. As you up your mileage, you put more wear & tear on your shoes, and that's when things start to show up.
    3995 days ago
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