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Nobody told me

Friday, April 02, 2010

that running would make me so hungry or that it would turn out to be so expensive!

Well, I'm only guessing that it's the running that's increased my appetite. It could be one of the other culprits, like stress, anxiety, or boredom. Except I don't think I'm bored. I'm going to reexamine my plan, because it occurs to me I need to schedule more frequent meals as my body really seems to need them. That seems quite doable, it will just take a little planning.

As to expense, well, for some reason I thought that once I had a decent pair of running shoes, I'd be ready to go. That and some decent socks, although why a pair of socks should cost $15 is beyond me. And I was fine for a while. I found lots of good advice on the Internet and on SP, and many of you experienced runners gave me excellent tips.

C25K was a struggle but I got through it - I used coolrunning so that didn't cost me anything. I signed up for a 5k before completing it, and that wasn't too costly, especially since I didn't sign up for the competitive run and it was a local run. I can handle a race once in a while.

Then I decided to sign on for a group training session, and that was a real bargain: ten weeks of coaching, a nice red shirt, and my very own medal midway through after week 5. How cool is that? And I'm told that if we have perfect attendance, we'll get a nice surprise at the end. emoticon

The next training session I signed up for is a lot more expensive, but it's also much longer. 20+ weeks, I think.

I had already purchased a heart rate monitor, so I won't count that as an expense associated with running. But I now needed a watch I could use for interval timing, so I finally settled on the Timex Ironman watch. Thanks to a certain SParker, I even figured out how to use it.

Then I signed up for another 5k, and decided to go for the competitive run, just slightly more expensive, not much. And I also did a run with Sophie, which necessitated a new leash since they didn't like the retractable ones. And since it was for the Humane Society, I added an additional donation. Next planned purchase: a harness for Sophie so we can run together some more.

Now one of my inspirations for running in the first place is my granddaughter who did the Girls on the Move program last year. When I found out she was doing it again this year, I signed up to run the 5k with her at the end of her program in May, so that also means airfare to St. Louis.

I've also challenged PALMTREEGIRL to find a race in her neck of the woods that we can do together: more airfare, but the chance to finally meet my SP friend in person!

And then there's the issue of picking up your race packets. I'm one of those people who cannot wait until the last minute and pick it up on race day, no indeed. I have to pick it up early, so that means going to the running store. Well folks, the store knows what it's doing by volunteering its space. Oh my goodness, all those lovely running shorts and tops in all those luscious colors!!!!!! My head was spinning from the riot of colors, but a glance at the price tags sobered me up. Oh so tempting...... emoticon

I decided to check out Academy Sports for the low-end version. The fit is not as nice, the fabrics are not as comfortable, and the colors are a little less inspiring.
But still better than my dance attire or my painting shorts - you know the ones, we wear them to do all our dirty chores around the house, and they are permanently bleached or paint-spattered.

Then I ran a slightly larger 5k, and decided to go with the chip timing. No big deal, but this race had professional photographers. Keep in mind that I run alone, and no one goes with me to these races so far, except Sophie and she doesn't know how to take very good pictures. So the only way to get a picture of me or us is to purchase one. I'll say two things for the professional pictures: they're really good, and they're really expensive. But I just had to get a picture of me running with Sophie.... I'll scan it and post it when I get it. She looked great!

I dread the day when I sign up for a race in another city where I don't have relatives or friends. Airfare and hotel! And I know the fees will go up when I tackle the half-marathon and marathons.

So much for just needing a pair of shoes.....

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  • KATELOSS2009
    just think, though, of all the money you're saving by spending your time running and not slacking which would necessitate more doctor visits and medications for blood presure and cholesterol and who knows what else...

    see? you're SAVING money!! emoticon

    thanks for the blog - it definitely made me smile. emoticon

    3981 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/3/2010 11:45:21 AM
    Been there...am there...I have so much tech gear to get charged up before I leave the house sometimes it's ridiculous...I have to locate satellites...set timers...make sure the timers have batteries...make sure my my Walkmans napster music subscription has been updated...put on compression tights...locate the sunglasses...choose the right running shoes for the distance...pack a waist pack...make sure I have power gells or sport beans...I guess this makes me full fledged fanatic...but at least I'm passionate about something:)

    Join the club!
    3982 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2219650
    Your blog made me smile. I do the same thing! When I started going to the gym, I needed "workout" clothes - tops and bottoms and socks and my own mat (the ones at the gym are full of germs and too gross! I purchased an MP3 player along with more comfy earbuds.
    When I started kickboxing, I needed kickboxing shoes and hand wraps then boxing gloves and focus mitts.
    When I started Yoga, I needed longer slightly thicker workout pants (I get cold when I'm not jumping and sweating) I also got some long sleeves workout tops (cold issue again). I needed a sticky mat as the one I had slipped on the floor (I use that one for ab work after my cardio classes).
    When I started spinning I needed a padded gel seat (actually I need two - those bike seats are HARD!) Then I decided I needed Spin shoes, which require cleats on the bottom.

    Every time I walk into a store (TJ Maxx and Marshalls) being two of my favorites I go right to the "active wear section. I don't think I'll ever be done getting everything I "need" for all my fitness passions.

    I'm grateful that I can purchase these items and I try to add a moment of gratitude at the end of every workout session. It helps me find peace and balance in my life.

    Thanks for sharing your log and making me smile and making me remember some of the things I am grateful for.
    3982 days ago
    You are just awesome to be running. The cost is worth it. You are worth it!
    3982 days ago
    I'm such a sucker for nice workout clothes too; and I'm about to give you a valid reason to indulge ... and this is true!!!!

    When I taught skating I really encouraged the students to dress in skating wear. It didn't have to be a fancy dress or even a skirt; nice spandex tights that showed the line of the body were fine. The reason I really pushed this issue was simple ... when they dressed like skaters they worked harder. Their whole attitude reflected what they wore.

    Time and time again I had students turn up in sloppy old track suits, and their skating had kind of a sloppiness about it too. The day those same students showed up dressed like skaters, the head went up, the shoulders went back, the back straightened, they carried themselves with pride - and they skated - they didn't flop around.

    So wear your running togs with pride - you will run better for wearing them!
    3982 days ago
  • DEE797
    I think it's emoticon how well you have been doing with your running. Even with all the expenses you are having fun and getting healthy. emoticon
    3982 days ago
    You're my hero!
    3982 days ago
    Oh, yes, the ear pieces to my iPod - how could I forget! I couldn't get them to stay in my ears, so I tried a different kind. Even worse! And the armband to carry my iPod, I forgot about that too. Oy, it keeps adding up!!!!
    3982 days ago
  • JLITT62
    Be careful what you wish for, eh?

    Oh, how I miss Academy. They carried my favorite levis at a good price. Still don't know where to get them here. But then I haven't grown out of any lately, either.
    3982 days ago
  • -AMANDA79-
    You're blog made me smile. It's funny all the things we thing we have to have for running. I was just looking for a new pair of headphones.
    3982 days ago
    Yes, indeed, you've caught the bug!
    A couple of observations. About the hunger, yes, running burns calories so definitely can increase the appetite. Making sure I was eating enough protein helped me. And, of course, carbs are the runner's fuel. I also shop at Academy, but I've discovered the value of those high tech fabrics in the heat (and cold). So I decided to splurge on just a few of those. (UnderArmor is my favorite). They really do make a difference in your comfort level when you start getting into the really long runs (especially by wicking moisture away from your skin and not chafing).
    emoticon emoticon
    3982 days ago
    I'm not really complaining - I'm mostly amused. I'm grateful that I can do what I need for myself, physically and emotionally. And I agree, there are lots of hobbies that are a lot more expensive.
    3982 days ago
    Cycling is expensive as well. I bought a used road bike last year so saved a little money there, but by the time I got all the other paraphernalia, I had spent more than on the bike. Then there's the entry fees and bike club fees and eventually I'll have a newer and faster bike purchase down the rode.

    There are way more expensive fitness hobbies out there though. Golfing and scuba-diving come to mind.
    3982 days ago
  • no profile photo CHOCMOM
    emoticon I "use" to be a runner back in my younger days - it was expensive then (and yes it did increase my appetite, too), I can't imagine what it would be like in today's economy. I will stick with my walking. emoticon
    3982 days ago
    Wow! So much involved with running and so much expense. I think I will stick with walking and strength. My new skeechers have been a heaven send. I love them and you really get a workout, especially if you do the cardio DVD you get with when you purchase the shoes.

    I wish you all the luck on your running. You are lucky you can do all that. I myself, am happy with being a walking Great Granny. LOL.
    3982 days ago
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