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Sunday, May 09, 2010

I have a not unique situation by is a amazing one. My birth mother had to give me up as she was too young (15) to care for me. So her parents became my parents. I know growing up it did not faze me so much until I turned 11 years old. When I noticed that my Ma was so much older than everyone's mother's. I then really started asking questions and felt different and some resentment. Well as we all know that pre-teens and teens are a species of human that 9 times out of 10 can not be reasoned with or the most understanding. I was no different. lol. When it dawned on me that Annie was suppose to be my mother, young and vibrant, she was the woman that was suppose to be there for me and understand me. I then started my rebellious
That is when then court dates started I was 12 and Annie had decided she wanted to play mommie. I had a half brother and sister as well to think about. Ma and Pop was raising all three of us by this time for several years. So why the change in Annie's heart. Again I was not an adult and did not know all the mama drama, behind the scenes, stuff that was going on when we were not allowed to be around. All I knew is Annie threw me away and my Ma and Pop loved me enough to take care of me since I was born. So I wanted no part if her, but in reality I wanted her more than she knew. So then it was finalized (in court) that the adoption was legal and we were to stay with Ma and Pop. YEAH!!!
Well Annie did not give up but she did what she had to do to be in our lives (off and on). A year past and Amber (half-sister - 7yrs old) and Larry (half-brother - 9yrs old) wanted to go live with her and her new husband. So I wanted to make everyone happy and we went to live with Annie and her husband. Oh long story short...they did not want me and my attitude so back to my Ma and Pop's I go after 3-4 months, but Amber and Larry stayed. By now am 13 and happy to be home with the parents I knew and loved. Again couple year go by and Annie wants me to try and live with her now am 15, my Ma, asks me to try as her and Pop are not getting younger. So for her I went...long story short that lasted 2 months, her husband did not like who I was dating or me. As I was not one to be pushed around and treated like I was his slave and owed him something. So back home I go again to Ma and Pop, this time to stay for good. I did stuff with Annie and my siblings but never would ever live with them as a family unit again.
Well at 16 I was depressed as the last 5 years had effected me tremendously. I had a nervous break down and had to visit therapists. I thought of death and how life would be simpler if I was not in it. Did not help I was going through all the hormonal changes all teens do along with my life situation. Well then my Ma and Annie realized I needed them to be supportive and stopped moving me around from house to house and let me decide what I want. So I stayed with the parents I grew up with Ma and Pop and visited Annie and my sibs on holidays. That was my life until I left for university then I moved in with Annie and them for about 5 months (they lived close to where I was going to school) again not good situation and ended up at another relatives to live while going to school and work to help pay rent, until I got my own place. All along still anger issues and resentment toward Annie as to why she gave me up and not Amber or Larry.
Well all my life my Ma and Pop always were there, no matter how far I went they were the ones I called if I was in trouble or just needed to hear their voices. Their love and commitment to me never wavered. Annie and I, finally after the birth of my oldest son, had a heart to heart and ironed out all our issues and differences. We are truly best friends now. This is why the Title of my blog is AMAZING MOTHER'S. Cause today I remember where I come from not only the mother who raised me to be the strong, loving, independent woman I am. But the mother who saw fit that she could not give me what I needed at a young age and had to make the hardest decision of her life, give up your child to better their life.
So today I have a strong relationship with both of them and they have one with each other. My Ma is the one who was diagnosed with Cancer couple of months ago. My biological mother Annie (Ma's biological daughter) is the one that is taking care of her. So remember your MOTHER, MOTHER'S, biological or not they are who made yea the AMAZING person yea are, even if it was giving yea life, kissing your booboo's or being there through your life...they are a part of yea no matter what.

I LUV YEA MA AND NANNIE!!! YOUR MY HEART AND MY SOUL!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

P.S. I shared this in my blog, not for anyone but me, as today my children celebrate me being their mommie and I wanted to share my story and celebrate my mommie's. It was not always hugs and kisses but they are AMAZING women that I thank every day, along with GOD, for being in my life.
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    What a beautiful person you are Sassy!
    3993 days ago
    Truly an amazing story Happy Mother's day
    3995 days ago
    Thanks for sharing Sassy! It's really great that you were able to work things out with the both of your moms. It had to be really difficult. While I don't wish that experience on anyone, I think it is the ones that make it past those life experiences that build the strongest women/men. Happy Mother's Day!!!!
    3995 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2357972
    What an amazing story! You are blessed to be able to call both of these women Mother! And you are wonderful to have made peace with your biological mom! That is a difficult thing for many!

    Happy Mother's Day to you, too!

    Hugs! Beverly
    3995 days ago
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