He Feels I am obsessed...REALLY???

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The other day I was weighing my lunch meat so that I could correctly tally my totals and my husband got mad. He says by weighing and measuring my food that I am obsessed and over the top. He understands the need and want for me to work out but he says I take it too far on the food. He says that I generally eat healthy (which I guess I do) and that the only time I get out of hand is when I had a bit too much to drink. emoticon Which, I do...when I am having some drinks with friends and they bring out salty things...chips and dips...I tend to just keep shoveling it in. However..just recently I realized that me and dairy don't really get along so it has made it easier to leave the dips and cheeses alone. Where he may be right-I still disagree. I could see him being upset if I lost a lot of weight or would not do anything for fear of food but that is not the case. No matter what I see stuck at the weight that I am currently at and can't seem to get the scale to move and that frustrates me!! I still enjoy the time with our friends and yes I have some drinks (my friends are quite pushy emoticon) so why is he getting upset??? I don't understand. I know he is happy with how I look but I am not...
What to do from here????
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    Thanks Girls!! He complains but then a lot of the time (since he does all the cooking) will make me a separate meal like using wheat noodles or weighing my meat out in advance for me. Molly you may have a point, maybe he is more upset with how stressed and upset I get about it all at times verses the actuality of doing it?! Much emoticon too you all!!
    3820 days ago
  • LOVE_2_RUN
    That is frustrating. I agree with other people's comments about sitting him down and explaining why you are weighing and measuring your food. It's very difficult to judge how much you are consuming and burning if you don't have a number to work with. It also helps keep portions in check. DH is so used to me weighing everything that he knows the scale goes the the table next to my plate, LOL. Good luck getting him to be more understanding.
    3821 days ago
    Maybe you should explain to him what the purpose of the measuring is for. It's not obsessive, it's purposeful in keeping the figure that he likes,b ut you want to change. He has to understand that every little bit does matter. And it's okay to go off the "norm" and have drinks. Isn't that living? I have to say that my hubby is totally supportive, buthe know I have to do it for my diabetes as well. BUt HE TOTALLY KNOWS I CAN BE OBSESSED. He has seen the scale control me and expressed the desire to throw it out, but he also gives me the freedom to do what I feel I need to do. He just listens and gives advice sometimes. He said to me that the hardest part of it all is when I get upset and let it frustrate me rather than seeing the good I am doing. It's great perspective. I really hope that you and your hubby can see eye to eye on this. I listening and supportive ear is so vital. Good luck
    3821 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6811492
    I think all men probably feel this way! My husband asks me to calm it down a bit too. I love my measuring cups, and have been wanting to get a food scale, but I know my husband would totally make fun of me :)

    If you're happy and comfortable, keep doing it! I have to do it in order to feel good about my choices.

    I wrote a blog not too long about drinking and eating...I totally know what you mean! I've actually done pretty well the last 2 weekends, no snack attack! YAY! Huge success for me. I know it's going to happen again, I just hope it doesn't for awhile!
    3821 days ago
    I went through this with my Hubby too. Once I sat him down & explained he
    understood and hasn't said another word about it. I still weigh & measure.
    LOL, he does think I'm insane to work out at the pace I do. Remember who
    you are doing this for! emoticon
    3827 days ago
    Just laugh it off! Once you get the hang of how much things way and how portions look you don't have to do it anymore. Tell the person that you're not obsessed you're just starting a new lifestyle and you have to get the hang of portions before you can relax and just livvvvve.
    3827 days ago
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